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Lighter life and nightshift workers


Striving for slimness
Hi, I've been on lighter life for seven weeks but 3 weeks ago I got a new job on nightshift cooking in a staff canteen. It's been very bizzare for getting my packs and water in. Not sure whens the best time to have them...I know you can have them any time but I like to spread them out if I can, and the water's even more of challenge, by the time I get up, then have about two litres I end up having to drink 2-3 litres at work.

I know there not much can be done about these problems was just wondering if there was any other night workers on here who could say how they do it.

Thanksies, Donna xx
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Striving for slimness
ooh, good question. I have not seen this come up yet but it certanly must have its own unique challenges!?

Good on you for cooking for others when you are doing this!! I don't know if I could do that!!!

surprisingly I don't find it hard at all!I love cooking so much, and for some strange reason it makes me happy to see other people enjoying my food even if I don't, Probably the worst part is not knowing if something tastes ok while cooking it, I just have to go by smell!



Striving for slimness
yeah I do that too! well the food seems to be ok, all the staff love it and give me compliments whitch is good! anyways I'm off there now! gonna be late! can't stop posting on here! lol
I work 12 hour night shifts, I find my first shift on a nightmare because I am awake for 24hrs+ and have to stretch the packs!

I have now found that if I drink plenty of water and a couple of savoury drinks on that day the shift passes ok. At first I was getting dizzy and shaky etc.

It seems that everyone is different though and its whatever works for you as long as you get your 4 a day of packs and water in then you are good to go :)

yeah I've just got some of the savoury drinks thought they might help me through the nightshifts. Will give them a try

They are life savers they are!! They really get you through long stretches nicely, and taste good.


Striving for slimness
i've just started working through the night - i do one 8 hour shift and 2 12 hour shifts in a week (first time last weekend). I ended up having an extra pack one night ... I figure what ever gets me through and one extra pack won't do any harm. I have yet to establish a pattern and not sure if I ever will. Just not going to stress about it.

yeah and my LLC said if you are really struggling and are desperate for something more it's way way better to have an extra pack than eat some regular food.

Blonde logic- The savoury drinks tasted gorgeous when I tased them! yet another great life saving product to help me through LL :D
I used to work nights 10-6am but not on LL I used to have just one meal at work, my main meal and then I would have a breakfast when I got home and something small when I woke up. If I was doing lighter life that would be 2 packs at work and 2 at home.

Good luck. I find I like cooking food on LL as you appreciate the smells more but not sure if I could do your job :)

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