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lighter life magazine


please try again
does anyone know if this is still available?

it seems to have completly disappeared off the shelves, ive checked asda ( where i used to buy ), tesco, easons, whsmith but cant for the life of me find it

i know im a cd'er but i love to read the members stories in it
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Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
I've been looking for this as well. I've tried Tesco, Co-op and WHS and can't find it. Just had a look on the LL website and the issue they are showing on there is the same one as I've had for ages. There is no mention of a new issue nor any mention of cancellation. It's getting a little late for an Xmas edition now, so maybe there will be one in the New Year? Hope so because I also like to read the inspirational stories in it.
Im so glad I spotted this thread , cos I was beginning to get worried, as I actaully subscribed to the mag a little while ago after the last edition as it was a special deal on line , a years subscription and you got two issues free, and I havnt recieved aything. Very dissapointed they havnt done a Christmas issue , I love the inspiration stories and looked forward to a glitzzy party girl edition, but as you say its looking a bit late now although there hasnt been one for months has there? ? I thought Id missed it as they have done a christmas one in the past as I bought some back issues off ebayand I have last years and it really motivated me hoping that by Christmas I could look fab in a Christmas dress.
Oh well lets hope for a late release , as I have subscribed I should in theory get mine first so I will give you all the heads up if it lands on the doormat any time soon!
Have a good one girls
i have foned LL and the new magazine is due in shops 26 December.
i have foned LL and the new magazine is due in shops 26 December.
Yeah, I'd guessed that a new issue would be out after Xmas. Because I saw one after new year's day which inspired me to sign up with LL!

Thanks for that, I will look forward to reading it on my flight to Jamaica!
i remember b4 i started LL (but i knew i was going to) I subscribed online to the magazine, I remember it being something like £5.99 for 3 issues, because it was 3 for 2 or something...

I haven't received anything, has anyone else... and if so... when can I expect to see the mag drop through my door?!!?!!?!

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
.....Just to let everyone know - I picked up a copy of the new LL magazine in WHSmith today. The cover price was £3.20 but it came up as £2.90 - don't know if that was their error or a special offer?
Hi I subscribed as wll and was getting a bit worries had expected a Christmas issue. Nearly rang , but it came a couple of days ago, its a January issue , which is a bit dissapointing we all need a little Christmas motivation , but its here so Hooray (not had chance to read yet as so mad busy with Christmas!)


please try again
will have to try and get one after christmas, not going out into the crush now


I'm a greedy pig
when is the next one out. i know you can only order it online though now unless you are on LL. i am not on LL but order online every three months so i can see the inspirational stories

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