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    Lighter Life
    Hello all,
    I have seen loads of threads about dieters transferring from LL to CD. Can anyone tell me if the CD packs are identical to LL in terms of nutrition and calorie content.
    I have beeing doing LL for 12 weeks and have been a bit disappointed with my weight loss. I have lost just over two stone and (I know I shouldn't compare!) some of my fellow dieters have lost 3 and 4 stone in the same period. I was totally abstenant until week 10, but the last couple of weeks I just feel the need for food. I am about 12 lbs from my target weight, and just can't seem to find the motivation to keep on track. The feeling of resenting people who eat normally is just not healthy and in 'rebellious child' mode have found myself binging and making really stupid food choices.
    I have considered joining WW or SW as others have suggested, but I really wanted to be at target before taking that step. I was thinking maybe doing CD - but not SS - so I could eat a little.
    LL say you will lose three stone in 3 weeks. What do CD say? If I have 12lbs to lose, and do perhaps the stage 2 plan, how quickly could I reach my goal?
    I don't want to waste the last three months effort, but if I am not going to follow the plan religiously, then £66 is a lot of money to waste.
    Lots of questions! Can anyone advise?
    Thank you.
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  3. Hedgemag

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    I hope I have ans your questions, have a look at the Cambridge Webb site and find a CDC near you and give them a call... just have a chat and good luck with whatever you decide.

  4. Tiger Girl

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    Hey Lulabelle :)

    I would only advise considering your motivation for food when considering the switch. I thought seriously about the switch at the end of LL foundation. Especially when the wheels went wobbly in Development. For me (and it could be a very different story for you!) I knew I was kidding myself on the 'but I just want to eat something' front.
    I was also too scared to shift in case it all started going horribly wrong!
    Ultimately I made my decision based on the fact that really, packets of space food are packets of space food and I just needed to get on with it.
    The only thing that's annoying for me is that I've never attended a Developers class as the timings of them at my group don't work for me. So I do a weekly pop in instead, and it really is a giant waste of money on that front as really, you are paying the extra cash for the group work. Anyhow, I've stuck with it (still am!) as I really want to do management in a group - that's my main motivation for sticking.
    Loads of people have moved over to CD with fabulous success, so I would advise to do a real check on what your motivation really is for moving and go from there.
  5. Frejja

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    Hi Lulabelle, I lost 3 stone 10 on LL and switched to CD and lost another 2.5 stone. I definitely lost faster on LL but maybe that was because I was heavier then. The cost difference isn't that much if you're over 5'8"- I pay 50 quid a week cos I get 4 packs. I can highly recommed both diets but changing over is a big decision. Let us know what you decide!
  6. Dancing

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    Frejja, you only have 2.5lbs until goal!!! Hoorah.
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  7. Frejja

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    Thanks Dancing! I think the worst bit will be keeping it off! You're doing very well yourself!
  8. Peridot

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    I did the LL 100 days, then went on holiday and put on half a stone and then came back and started CD. The half stone dropped off pretty quickly, thank goodness and I would say that the losses have been much the same as LL. I'm on 3 packs so taking in less calories than Freja (sorry for spelling) - and 3 packs are much the same in calories etc as 4 packs on LL. The packs are, strangely, worse than LL ones - the shakes are very thin like the older LL ones, the soups are a bit better and the bars are not as good as the new LL ones. But I pay £36 a week for packs and given that my LLC was pretty hopeless and therefore the counselling was extremely disappointing, this is the biggest sell to me. My CDC is a bit of a numpty but I'm not looking for anything other than the supply of packs so I don't mind.

    Hope this helps
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