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Lighterlife lite

Hi, Im starting lighterlife lite tomorrow!! Im trying to lose weight for my wedding on the 2nd July:love:, and had a baby girl called nara 4months ago. Found out at my info meeting that im heavier than I thought,but I can believe it cause I was lighter than I am now when I was 7 months pregnant!!:cry: But I had to have an emer c-section after a bad labour and got so many bloomin infections after, that I got so used to staying in the house with the baby and got stuck in a bubble of depression. I am wanting to lose the weight now, im just worried though because I am also doing a course with exams in may and ive read that some people were very lethargic and had very low concentration levels while on lighterlife lite!! Has anyone else found it to be like this?? :confused:
I just want to lose the weight to get back to what I used to be like a few years ago.:(

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Hi, i'm on my 11th week on Lighter Life Lite and i love this diet, it's the best diet i have ever tried. I have lost 4st on my own up until i joined the class and i've just lost 30lb in the 11 weeks.Only 10lb more and i'm finally at my goal weight having lost all the 7st i had put on over the last few years.The first week or so is the worst to get through on this plan, once your through that you will be fine.The only symptoms i had was the hunger of course, not much energy at first and being sooo cold all the time.Now i feel great still cold but feeling fit and healthy.By the time your through the first couple of weeks you should be feeling fine in all aspects of your health.
Good Luck with your weekly weigh ins, hope you have great losses. Keep us all posted. Visualise yourself at your goal weight,and make it happen you know you can do it, stay strong and be positive.


...we're sinking deeper.
Heya, hope the diet is going well! Stick with it - it's actually very good. :)
I did both abstinence and Lite at two different times; and went through final year University (exams AND dissertation) while in abstinence. The slight energy lows are only a small issue - but you will get used to them and it will NOT affect any results unless you make it into an excuse! ;) Plus, you may be one of the lucky people (which is the majority) who benefit from ketosis and get LOTS of energy all the time! :)

Have fun most of all; and experiment with the ingredients - keep it fresh, light and most of all - exciting! ;)
Thank you very much for your replies!! Im into my second week now, and the first three days I lost 2 lbs, but when I got my first weigh in I was stuck at 2lbs. I dont know whether its fluid retention or what. I know I should be drinking more water as im only managing 1.5 to 2 litres at the moment. Does drinking more water actually help you lose more?!
Ive been following the diet strictly so dont know aht im doing wrong. Im eating a lot of tomatoes with my one meals a day, as im using chopped tomatoes and passata for sauces and that.
I just dont know where im going wrong. :(

Hi there, re-the water. Your definately not drinking enough, if your on a normal diet eating a full range of food you need to drink at least 2lts daily, on LL Total or LLL we are not eating a normal diet so you need to drink a heck of alot more.It is recommended anything from 4lts to 7lts daily.I have always drank at least 5lts daily with hot drinks on top of that, ordinary water and sparkling with the LL st.clements in it, GORGEOUS.Then i have green tea,redbush,nettle,dandelion,detox etc.I drink more than the other two ladies that started with me and i'm 9lb ahead in weight loss, so it really makes all the difference. You won't get any headaches,it will flush out all the toxins and also help to fill you up a bit.Make a definate effort each day to drink more, you really aren't drinking enough at the moment. Good luck for your next weigh in,be positive and stay strong.Visualise yourself at your goal weight and make it happen.:bananalove::greenapple:
Hey, i just started my LLL diet today. so far itas going well but I know i havent drank enough thanks (catwomen38) , maybe thats why i got a headache twice, but keep going with the weightloss and again stay positive.

hows it going now?

Hey, yeah I have been drinking alot more water and because of it I am losing 3-4lbs a week now.
I have noticed though that in the week up to my period I am losing very little,like maybe only half a lb and yet the next week I could lose up to five. Its because ive noticed that I carry more fluid in that week and when I go back the next week my body is back to normal, and the wieght I actually lost in my period week shows in the week ive lost my extra fluid. This might be something that you notice every month, because I NEVER noticed it before as I never weighed myself.
Curse of being female i suppose.:mad:
I am drinking between 3 and 4 litres a day excluding foodpacks and it does help, but you need to mke sure your doing it throughout the day and not more in morning, less in afternoon etc. I learnt that the hard way as my body then held on to more water instead of flushing itself. But in the last 4-5 weeks ive lost a stone compared to the 2lbs I lost in two weeks at the start so the water is working. Good luck!! You'll get to the weight you want!!:)
Hi, I have started lighterlife lite today. My worry is the water consumption and am scared when I read 2litres or more but I have bought some 500ml bottles of water (which I can reuse/refill) and will make myself drink at least 4 a day, hopefully increasing as I get used to drinking more.

For me, breaking down the amount of water into bottles is better than just going to the tap and filling a glass as I know I won't drink as much.

I'm also going to keep a bottle of water in the car and sip when convenient.

I work part time so am going to set myself the goal of drinking one to two bottles whilst I am there.

I bought the flavoured powdered tubs of lemon, orange and fruits of the forest to flavour the water when I'm at home and they taste very nice making the water easier to drink.

I can't let my aversion to drinking water spoil going on the lighterlife lite plan.
I struggle with all the water consumption as I work in a lab and some days I don't get the chance to eat or drink except for at lunch time.

I have also got some 500ml bottles and try to drink 1 on the way to work and 1 on the way home, plus what I drink at lunch and during the day; I am averaging 2 litres ish. I know this isn't enough but so far it hasn't affected my losses, but I'm only on week 3 so I might have to try harder!!

The flavours do make it easier though!!
Hi muppetgirly, Before starting lighterlife lite I drank so little that I would only have one wee in the morning and possibly another before bed but rarely. (Sorry if that's too much information!!!)

Now I have started on lighterlife lite and HAVE to drink more I have managed to drink two litres of water on both days so far. I don't think I can manage more than that at the moment but hope to do so. I have now had 4 wees today! Thought I'd never stop!!!

Drinking more water has got to be benefitting me and I feel really good about doing it.

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