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Lighterlife Lite


...we're sinking deeper.
Hello Beffyboo!

The general information is on the Lighter Life website, but here is a quick overview:
You need to be BMI between 25 and 29.9 to do LLLite, or if you have only between 1-2 stone to lose. The program will cost you £49.50 per week and you will be eating 3 foodpacks a day + a protein/vegetable meal. You are not allowed any drinks except for leaf teas, coffee, water and water with added LL flavouring (which they sell for £9). Also you are allowed two savoury sachet 'cupa-soups' per day (£6 from the counsellor, or you can buy Reduced Salt Marigold powder from a supermarket... this also works very well as a stock for cooking). You can add a certain amount of milk to your coffee's as well, but that comes under information of portions and daily allowances. :) You will be given a booklet with this information before you start.

The diet plan itself is very easy to follow if you follow your guidelines! The losses vary between people but on average it's between 1-4lbs per week. Personally I really like doing this, it's not as restricting socially as total abstinence was (which I did for 9 months), but is still controlled enough for me to know I'm on the right path. Plus if you listen to the counselling sessions quite closely and consider all the points they tell you, you will come out one step ahead. :)

If there's anything else, please do ask! :D
Hello Beffyboo,

I know it's been some time since you started LLL. How is it/did it go? I started mine on 1st december. so far, I'm doing great and am not feeling too hungry anymore (days 1 and 2 were tough). I did a ketostix test and am in ketosis (hurray!) so guess that's why I'm not thinking about raiding the fridge anymore and that's good progress for me!

Minerva, well done on your weight loss!

Star xx

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