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Lighterlife to Cambridge

Hello all.

I'm on LL and losing well (6lbs in 4 days - hurrah). I'm not sure of the quality of my counsellor (I find her a bit unprofessional and uncaring) and was wondering if any of you guys had suggestions as to whether or not I should switch to CD and get more variety for less money.

I'm a med student in my final year so am in hospital for long hours and funny shifts. Having ready-made shakes would make life easier for me. Is there a list anywhere of all the flavours and formats on CD? Also, the approx £30 saving would be SO useful!

Any input would be really welcome!

Thanks gang, this forum is just marvelous.

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A friend has reccommended her CDC who is also a lot nearer to my house than my LLC also. I hope the views of users on the LL and CD boards will help me decide. Thanks, Dancing!

Hi John
The cambridge forum here has a sticky with all the products and prices. I did 11 weeks on LL and now am on my 9th week of CD. I love the CD flavours. However, as I am tall, I pay the same as a man and its £50 per week so it's not as much of a saving as you were hoping. I don't believe I could have started on CD, as I needed the initial LL counselling, however CD suits me just fine for the rest of the journey. Just for comparison purposes, I lost on average 4.9 lbs a week on LL and now 3.5 a week on CD. However, I am almost at goal weight which is probably why it has slowed down. Hope this helps!


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Last year I lost 2 stone on the Lighterlife-slow I know and know not doing so well with the Cambridge but I do prefer the one to one counselling and although it may take me some time, I think I will stick to it easier
1.95 against 1.65

The tetra packs on cd are slightly more expensive, but my friend always has them for work and says they are ideal.
I've never had them, so don't know about the taste, but I love the cd Banana and chocolate shakes. I really like the soups too as long as they have had a 1 min whisk.
If it's cheaper and it does the same job, then i'd change.
If your counsellor isn't delivering then I would suggest either finding another one, or as you suggest, switching to CD. But I would urge you to call LL head office to raise your concerns and feedback about your LLC as half of the money you pay is, in theory, for counselling...

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Restarting to lose 4stone
I lost a lot of weight with LL last year and decided to follow public oppion and swapped to CD because I thought I had my demons beat.

I didn't go through the management programme despite seeing the warnings posted by others saying you need to keep with it. How wrong was i :cry:

Since then I have gained 4 stone as I fell back into binging.

Whilst I appreciate that everyone is different, for me the counselling is what makes the difference. It allowed me to stick with the diet and identify a lot of my problems. By not contuning I stopped with only part of the picture in focus. Knowing your problems are one thing, dealing with them is another and I wish I had continued with the LL.

CDC's do not have to be counsellors to be able to sell CD although some may be.

I know it is all very tempting to talk about the flaviours available on CD in comparison to LL but think about it, what do the flavours matter? The point of the packs is to get the nutrients your body needs whilst giving you some distance from conventional food. You don't see those in this world close to starvation saying 'I'm not going to eat that because it doesn't have a nice taste!'
Hi John,

I switched from LL to CD almost two months ago and have found it great. I'd been doing LL since February and felt I'd got all I could out of the group counselling. The variety in flavours and the convenience of the tetras gave me renewed vigour to carry on when I was wavering. Plus the extra money is now being spent on new clothes!

The switch really worked for me and I'm reintroducing conventional food now. I know it doesn't work for everyone. The stage I was at meant the flavours were important. As I am lucky enough not to be at risk of starvation I am making the most of the yummy bars/soups/shakes that imo are far superior to LL products.

Mull it over and you'll know what the best choice for you is :)
I changed after 7 weeks of LL because of the distance I had to travel, the cost and the flavours. I am so glad I did. I do think I benefited from the initial LL counselling in those first weeks though. Perhaps I wouldn't have come so far without that initial support. However, I have got the bestest CD Counseller ever, she's there for me if I need her and a great inspiration. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do

dawn xx

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