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lightheaded and bit of nausea??


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I am feeling a bit like that too. It is day 3 for me. Feels like my hands and legs are shaking!!
Hi, it's totally normal, I'm on day 9 and still feel lightheaded and bit off somedays but it's definitely worse the first few days. So, no worries at all, I think everyone experiences that with lipo. On the plus side there will be days where you're full of energy and on top of the world. Just go with it and remember why you're doing it. It is worth it, I've a long road to go but this is the only diet I can remotely stick too, it's hard but at least it's helping my ''food addiction'' by taking away the drug for awhile. It's like we're in withdrawl and if you accept this and go with it, you will succeed. Think of the happier, slimmer you when all this is over, it will totally be worth it. Good luck on your journey and try not to cheat because you have to go through ketosis all over again, and this could increase your lightheadedness too. We all have blips but try to curtail them, not worth it as you see. I don't want to sound condescending, I'm only on this for 9 days but I was on it before and one blip can lead to more blips and then you're off the diet. So, go ahead now again, get on track as Im sure you are and just go for it completely. IT WILL BE WORTH IT.
thanks for all the comments and advice....greatly appreciated. hopefully feel better tomorrow:confused: how do you know if you in ketosis, am on day 5, but had half glass wine last night :eek: would that knock me out of ketosis??:break_diet:
I dont think it will knock you completely out of Ketosis, a huge Big Mac meal might so no worries there. However, my concern from experienced is that once I touched anything at all, it led to more nibbling and finally it led to the slow death knell of my lipo experince the first time. This might be just me but so far this time I've stuck to it 100% and I think this is the best way to go cause one nibble of ANYTHING leads to me going off the rails. Im just saying this to you so that you are aware, just start on track now again which you are and dont give in to any temptations if you can, makes the journey easier. I just dont want anyone else to make the mistakes I did first time round. Now, I could make plenty of mistakes myself as I go along but this time I KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES IF i even give in to one temptation. So see today as your new day, youre doing great, just steer clear of any temptation at all. Hope this helps, I just want to show how my lil nibbles last time eventually steered me off course. NOT WORTH IT. That said, I hope I continue to practise what I preach because it is east to succumb but I just think og the guilt, consequences and me feeling like crap after. DONT SELF SABOTAGE, WE DESERVE TO REACH OUR GOAL. Plus, if you stuck to this religiously for 4 days, you can do it for a few weeks. Go girl
Thank you sooo much for that candy,, just what i needed to hear:D

yes today is clean slate and just hope you right about the ketosis:)

feeling better now xx
I'm delighted if I helped in some way, we all need support on this and we all get cravings and want to nibble. I just made a pizza for my son there, pure torture taking it out of the oven, sorely tempted but again just thought of the consequences. I know Ill have good and bad moments all the time, but he idea of reaching goal and feeling good about myself is keeping me going. Long may it continue and delighted you seem to be on the ball again. We can do this!!!!!
i started lipo yesterday and today i feel all spaced out and my hands are shaky... as said above is it your body getting used to the new regime? also, would be whats in the lipo satchet that makes you feel this way as i have gone without food for 2 days before now and it never made me feel like this....

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