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Like a splash of cold water in the face


Finding inspiration
Like many people with a lot of weight to lose, I have had time of greater and lesser motivation. When I started SW, I was going great guns and having great losses every week. It was embarrassing how many times I took the SOTW basket home. But over time, your enthusiasm can wane and it's harder to keep to the beaten track... it definitely shows in your progress... or lack thereof...

I have been going through a time where I've found it hard to focus to the level that I need to in order to have consistent and good losses. You lose a big chunk of weight (and I've gotten close to the 3st mark) and it's easy to rest on that achievement and lose sight of the rest of the journey that still needs to be made. I am only about halfway to where I need to be and in no way am I in a position to "relax" in my diet.

I play in a rock covers band and we had a gig at the weekend. I dolled myself up as I usually do and felt pretty good about how I looked - and rightly so, I've made great progress in my weight loss! However, I think in my head because I'd lost so much, I sort of imagined I was slimmer than I am and this has led to a generally "relaxed attitude" to my eating habits. Well...

... I've now seen some of the pics and videos of our performance. We did a great job as a band. But OMG!!! I was stunned at just how big I still am. I think I'd managed to convince myself I was smaller. Which I'm not.

Anyway... this has been the slap around the chops that I needed to make me refocus and remember that although I have made incredible progress so far, I still have a ways to go in my journey. I've carefully planned my meals for today, filled in my food diary... I'm ready to go. Nothing is going to stop me reaching my goal this time. You hear? Nothing!

Thanks for listening. :)
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Great post hun. I was in exactly the same positiion as you a few weeks back. Photographs can be so unflattering but sometimes they do give you that boost you need. Keep up your excellent work hun x
Fabulous post hun. You have done well though, don't lose sight of that - but like you say, although you feel good, you want to feel better. So well done for your renewed motivation!! Good luck. xxx
i know what you mean, mentally I think I'm thinner than I am - until I see photos of me and I realise that the heffer in the photo is moi!

I'm sure that this shock to the system will do you the world of good and I admire your commitment!
What a wonderfull heartfelt post and so honest and true. We are all guilty I think of resting on our laurals once we make a substatial dent in our weight loss and as you rightly say, the motivation can slip a little. You now have the visual aid in the form of film to keep you motivated so keep on useing it to keep you focused and on the right path. Thank you for shareing this with us. xx

ps. tried to give you some reps but I cann't, you had toooo much already off me lol.


Slow but sure....
Great post - gave me something to think about, it is amazing how we see ourselves in 'our mind's eye' - your post has inspired me to keep slogging on so thank you, and good luck with your continuing weight loss. X

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree with you on this Hun.

As the compliments come pouring in, we take them on board and suddenly we become complacent enough to stop the weight loss, because as others have said "we look great right?"
It takes the realisation from another phot, film footage to stop us in our tracks and get us back on track.

Im the same. Ive lost 6 stone 6 and I am lighter now than when I got married 4 years ago....but Im still obese, I still have another 5 stone to go before I reach my 10 stone goal. Recent photos have made me realise that yes...I have lost a shed load of weight, but yes, I have a lot more to go.

Well done on your achievement so far, you like me have a bit longer to go before we reach our goal....but we will get there!! Just enjoy each stone that melts away!

Hi Minders, that's a great post. I know exactly how you feel. I have reached the half-way mark and still need to lose a lot, but my motivation wanes. I have also stopped going to the gym (through long days at work) and I know that I need the gym to keep me motivated. I hope your email persuades me back to 100% commitment. Tracy
Awww bless you, hun. You've done so well and come so far. I've NO doubt that you will reach your goal! Keep up the great attitude!

I know exactly how you feel, been there myself not so long ago! But isn't it great that you can turn it around and be so positive and motivated? A lot of people would resort to the bad old habits and fall off the wagon, but you have made it work for YOU! Brilliant.

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