limit to water flavourings??


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hi everyone just got back from my 5th weigh in with a 4lb loss so i'm mega chuffed but have decided to get some of the summer berry water flavouring as i'm struggling with the water, i'm finding it lovely!
just polished off a litre of water no problem with it but my consultant said only 1 tsp a day.
just wondered if anyone has more than this and whether it affects your losses as i could quite happily have this in every litre of water but don't want to slow down my losses.
any opinions?
sian69 x
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I fill a ltr bottle with sparkling water and add a tiny bit of flavouring to it.. I drink 4lts with it added and it never effected my weight..

Well done on your 4lb loss xx


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I have more than this. I make sure to drink 1l plain water every day first tho. Can't say for sure whether it's affected my losses but I'm losing so I'm happy x

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I have flavoured water as well, inbetween normal water. It has not affected my weight loss :)


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i seem to be one of the rare people that react badly to the flavourings. i doubt it's affected my losses, as the calories are negligible, but i think i'm sensitive to the citric acid in it, as i'm much, much hungrier if i have it, so i think it upsets my ketosis. this was only ever on 1 teaspoon a day.


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My CDC today said 1 teaspoon per litre of water - but said that might it quite sweet so she uses less. Not being a tea or coffee drinker I am getting slightly bored of plain water, but am going to try a peppermint tea tomorrow - woohoo...not exactly a g&t but it might help!

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thanks spangles i'll bare that in mind, i try to have at least 3L of water everyday so i'm trying half a teaspoon in every litre, should be enough to get it down for me.
sian69 x


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I haven't found it effects my losses at all. I have had sunshine orange for the last three weeks, I use it all the time must have around 8 pints a day of sunshine orange. with half a tsp in each time and still have big losses so I think it may depend on the person as me personally I dont find it makes me feel hungry at all :)