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Lindam Food Diary


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I always used to write everything down that I ate but recently this just has not happened - therefore here I go as i have a date with the scales (with Emski) on the 9 August and need to be completely focused! :scale:

B: Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA), Banana

L: Quorn Slices, Lettuce, Cucumber, Spring Onion, Pepper, Tomatoes, Pickled Beetroot

T: Butternut Squash, Lentil and Potatoe (dug up from garden) Curry. Rhubarb (HEB) with Quark and Sweetner

Had a Skinny Cow Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Lolly - but not sure of syns - maybe 5??

That's it for today!
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Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb
Looks good hun...wd!x


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Ok - Sunday and an invite to a BBQ!!

B: Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA), Banana
L: BBQ - therefore have made myself some burgers to take with me (they were delicious), will also put together some chicken kebabs with onion, pepper, cherry toms and courgettes (extremely tasty). Hoping there will be some salad to have on the side (there was, yippee). Also taking a fresh melon for afters. I will still have my syns/plus HEs if needs be - did not need to use these at all
T: x 2 slices of nimble wholemeal (HEB), light philadelphia (HEA?) and marmite

syns - i am about to have the last skinny cow triple choc ice cream lolly out of the freezer - about 5/6 syns?
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Monday's Diary

OK - a rather sunny day outside, so staying in the air conditioned office all day!

B: Fruit Cocktail (HEB), Activia Fat Free Yoghurt
L: Leftover Butternut Squash and Lentil Curry
T: Quorn Meatballs in Ragu Sauce (about 4 syns for half jar), with Bacon (HEB) and onion and peppers - cheese (HEA X 2)

Got loads of fruit to snack on, Banana, Pear and Satsumas
GFY Range (Sainsurys) Cheese and Onion Crisps - 4.5 syns
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Tuesdays Diary

Day before big weigh in at the gym so therefore i am sticking to The Plan with a passion!

B: x 4 ryvita (HEB) x 5 Light Laughing Cow Triangles (HEA) and marmite
L: Salad - with Boiled Egg (was very tasty, added pickled onions, grapes and kiwi)
T: I have some chicken in the fridge - not 100% sure what to have with it yet as will shop in Tescos in the morning - if it stays this warm it may be salad again. - Ok so this is not happening and husband has dug up some spuds from the garden, Jacket Potatoe and Baked Beans for me tonight

Lots of fruit as always to snack on - and some Alpen lights will be brought for the other HEB. No plans on any syns at present... but gave in to a packet of BGTY Cheese and Onion Crisps (4.5 syns) - the desire to eat the other three packets from the multi pack is extremely strong at the moment
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Wednesday Diary

Not feeling totally focused today - however will give it my best!

B: x 2 Alpen Light (HEB)
L: not too sure yet - completely off the rails! Buffet left overs at work so had 3 triangles of sandwiches with various fillings adn x 3 mini cream puff pastries...
T: Chicken Chow Mein from chinese - this did not happen - just had lamb bhuna, chapati and onion bhaji

Back to it tomorrow - i promise

I have a whole melon to get through and a pack of clementines!
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Thursday Menu - and the weekend.........

Breakfast - porridge (HEB), milk (HEA)
Lunch: This is where it will all go not to plan - I leave work around 12 tomorrow and will pop into Tescos to get the food for Cambridge Folk Festival as we leave at 1.30 ish. I will probably grab a couple of Alpen light bars before I go and i have fruit at work for the morning.

I have semi planned for the weekend as we shall be under canvas until Sunday - basically green meals for the evening:

  1. quorn sausages, smash and baked beans
  2. pasta with dolmio stir in sauce (light)
  3. Batchelors microwave rice (will warm through in pan), need to find something in a time to go with this in Tescos.
I shall stock up on Alpen lights, fruit - and avoid the biscuit aisle!


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Sunday 7 Sept

Have not been on here for a while - so as i need to focus a little more and write down all i eat to make sure i don't keep eating the same things all the time.........

Breakfast - x 2 slices wholemeal toast with quorn sausages sliced in between

Lunch - x 2 Ryvita, x 5 laughing cow triangle and blackcurrant jam (2 syns) (quite a nice combination)

Tea - Quorn quarter pounder (1 syn), roast pots, mashed butternut squash, carrots, cabbage and gravy (3 syns). Activia fat free cherry yoghurt mixed with quark and a little sweetner


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Mondays Menu

Have decided to go for Mix to Max this week (green for lunch and red for tea, hoping that no carbs in the evening might be a good thing)
So we shall see how that works out....

Breakfast - Porridge, with chopped banana (HEB and HEA)

Lunch - Uncle Bens Express Rice (veg Pilau - 3.5 syns but did not have a whole pack so guessimate 2.5 syns) mixed with onion, peppers and apple

Tea - Mince turkey mixed with onion, leek, courgette, carrots, passata, mixed herbs, garlic and curry powder. Low fat activia yoghurt

snacks - 3 clementines, x 2 alpen lights (HEB), 3 light babybel (HEA) and a left over cold quorn quarter pounder (!) 1 syn

did an hour in the gym this morning.
Tuesdays menu

Breakfast- weetabix (HEB), milk (HEA) with banana

Lunch - a very nice buffet at a friends house, quorn slices, cous cous, salad, low fat cottage cheese

Tea - yesterdays left overs - turkey mince and veg

snacks - x 2 alpen lights (HEB), x 2 plums

exercise - walked the dog for 40 mins before work
Wednesday Diary

Breakfast - x 2 wholemeal bread (HEB), banana

lunch - pasta, milk and laughing cow light (HEA x 2)

Tea - roast chicken, butternut squash, carrots, courgettes and leeks, gravy (3 syns)

snacks - x 3 clementines, x 2 alpen lights (HEB)

exercise - x 1 hour cardio in the gym
Thursdays Menu

Breakfast - x 4 Ryvita (HEB) x 5 laughing cow light (HEA) marmite and ham

Lunch - Soup - made from yesterdays veg leftovers (butternut squash, leek, cauliflower), activia fat free yoghurt

Tea - Beef, stirfry veggies

snacks - BGTY Crisps (4.5 syns), banana, clemetine, apple, x 2 alpen lights (HEB)

Exercise - 1 hour circuit class - which I hated!
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Friday Menu

Breakfast - Porridge (HEB) Milk (HEA) banana

Lunch - Tescos Ravioli

Tea - BBQ tonight with the air cadets - was nto too sure if they woudl just have sausages and burger on so decided to take my own quorn burger (quarter pounders 1 syn each). We all needed to take a salad type dish so doing a rice and bean concoction. This throws out my plan to have no carbs each evening but it's only one day .....

Snacks - BGTY crisps (why did I get a multi pack?) 4.5 syns. Alpen light (HEB) - these are just too addictive

Exercise - rest day today as 5k run (race) around Dorney in the morning
Saturday Menu

Breakfast - x 2 wholemeal toast (HEB), banana

lunch - jacket pot, cottage cheese with pineapple

tea - pepper filled with lean mince, onion, carrot, courgette, mixed herbs adn garlic and little tomatoe puree - covered in 56 g of cheese (x 2 HEA)

Snacks - banana - probably alpen lights later (HEB)

Exercise - 5 k run at Dorney - best time evr at 28.10! then cut grass and strimmered - then went on a 10 mile hilly cycle ride
Sunday Menu

Breakfast - x 2 weetabix (HEB), banana and milk (HEA)

Lunch - Veg pilau Rice (leftovers from friday night with extra peppers etc added) 2 syns, activia fat free yoghurt, apple and 1 alpen light bar 3 syns

Tea - yesterdays mince/pepper left overs (no cheese) with mashed butternut squash and cabbage with Gravy 3 syns

Snack - x 4 ryvita (HEB), 4 laughing cow light (HEA) marmite

Exercise - 8 mile walk with the dog (and husband!)
Monday Menu - Gone off Plan.....

started well - but hacked off as no movement on the scales so went down hill from lunchtime. decided I may not do SW for a week just watch what i eat, maybe just have a tin of soup at lunchtime and a yoghurt perhaps and whatever in the evening and see how that goes...

Breakfast - weetabix x 2 - banana - milk

lunch - rice salad with chickpea

tea - a piece of bread with choc spread.
cooked chicken in bacon, mash and baked beans - had a few forkfuls and then gave up as did not fancy it.

snacks - packet walkers crisps - packet of BGTY crisps and an alpen light bar - so far!!!!!


Just follow the plan
S: 20st7lb C: 17st12lb G: 12st3lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 2st9lb(12.89%)
Dont go too far off plan hun lol, sorry you're not getting results x
Tuesday Menu

Breakfast - x 2 alpen light bars

lunch - oxtail soup, activia low fat yoghurt

tea - butternut squash and lentil curry - with maybe potato in the curry and no rice

snacks - BGTY Crisps, banana, pear

exercise: an hour of cardio in the gym
Wednesday Menu

Breakfast - Porridge, banana

lunch - x 4 ryvita, x 5 light laughing cow, marmite

tea - jacket spud and baked beans

snacks - BGTY Crisps, x 3 plums, x 2 alpen light

exercise - 45 mins in the gym!

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