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Link to excellent VLCD Ketogenic Dieting Book


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Hello CDers
Not a CDer myself, but have been welcomed with open arms on the last stone to go thread over here so thought I'd post this over here as well as over on the LL board where I normally live.

It is a bit dry, very very detailed, but also covers just about everything you may want to know about ketogenic dieting if that floats your boat. Almost the whole book is readable on line - just some sections on exercise and VLCD haven't been made available to read.

So if you are interested, follow the link below, bookmark it, and dip in and out as you require.


The ketogenic diet: a complete guide ... - Google Books
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is a naughty girl...
thank you so much for this, any chance you dont have it as a link? just the web site because apparently my computer doesn't like links anymore :) x


running strictly on fat!
Excellent stuff - Thank you for sharing xxxx

Big H

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Awesome - thanks for this


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Great stuff, and congrats on your weight loss, almost 10 stones is amazing. You must be excited to be nearing goal. x


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Cheers Agnes - I am a bit gabberflasted to be honest - I always knew it would work this time,(WW failed miserably) but am in shock at just how I look now! - Hasn't really sunk in yet!

Megan, if you type :

The ketogenic diet

Into google and then where it says

Web Images Videos Maps News Shopping Mail More at the top, drop down more and select 'books' to do a search in google books then you should get it.



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