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Lip pierced ^^ and a shocking picture =D

hey girlies hope ya all doing well?
i got my lip pierced two days ago as a treat for doing so well. start weight was 23 and half stone and now im 17 stone (hit it today) so thats 6.5 stones gone in 4 and half months im estatic... so yeah... i had a tattoo when i reached 4 stones loss... a piercing at 6.5 stone.. when i reach 8 stone loss im having a ultimate tattoo on my collar bones =D cant wait its gunna be awesome.... im finding new styles and truely liking myself more and more each day ... id say the people id love to be like is the suicide girls (no not people wanting to die) they are alternative girls that have tattoos and piercings lol... i dont wanna be size zeros like lotta them but i do want to be as kool as them hahaha.

ill include my feb - yesterday pic =D

check out my sexy lip piercing its hawt
and ouchhhh look at my chins in the feb pic lol *hides*
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Looks well swollen! I have mine done but I have a tiny little stud in it, I wouldn't get away with a hug ring like that for work!

What did your work say?
they are ok with it lol..
thank gawd lol..
it is swollen n sore but its only a day old lol
you are looking so good you can see such a dramatic change in your face not just the piercing:D:rolleyes: it looks good though. that is really such an acheivment well done:D i always said if my tummy got flat enough i would get my belly button pierced and i wanted my nose done.OH very anti so proberbly won't. i love my tattoos he hates them said if he had seen them before we started seeing each other it would never have happened:rolleyes: (lol) that would have been his loss i guess. its whats on the inside that counts for me;)
Bloody hell Kiira, you look fab, your slimmer face has really brought out your eyes!
I wish I could lose 6.5 stone in 4 months Lol, you have worked so hard and truelly deserve all these treats along the way.
Keep up the good work, im sure you will be getting your tattoo before you know it
Thankyou!!!!!! i got like a big grin on my face right now =D x
You look amazing! And I am loving the new piercing! :D

I was thinking of getting some stars tattoo`d somewhere for every stone I lose but can`t decide where and whether it should be stars as they`re more common now. Might get them along my wrist or something - Right side of me is looking decidedly bare compared to the left :rolleyes: LOL

Well done again on the weight loss, You`re doing brilliantly :D

Thanks chick i love body mods , when ive lost 8 stone im having this tattooo

(uploaded at the bottom) on my collarbones , dramatic yes but hell i love it ...

you look good ureself , i love your tatts espec the rose one... xx


Fab tatt :D I would like someone on my collar bones too but can`t decide what :rolleyes:

SomeONE on my collar bones? LOL I meant SOME ;)
i bet that someone is PETER hahahahahaha...
OMFG I WISH!!!!!!!!!!!

<fans self at the thought>
Wow Pink you're looking truley amazing i can't get over how much slimmer your face is, it really has brought out your lovely big eyes keep going girl your doing so wonderfully amazing!!!!!


I will do this...
Luv luv luv the piercing. At one point I used to have 9 piercings but none now :( Had to take them out one by one for various things and only 6 weeks ago took the last 4 out... My party piece used to be spitting alcohol out of my piercing in my lip!lol

I have 9 tattoo's and I think when I get to goal I might get a phoenix. I'm researching!:D

Well done on you weightloss, you can sooo see it in your face! xxx


gunna be a fatty for ever
wooooow kewwwwwwwwwwwl kira xxx
wow thats a great weight loss! whats your secret, diet excercise? wanna see a full body before and after....your inspirational!!
thankyou girlies =D i had a tattooo yesterday coz i got out of doctors and been told i lost 21lbs this month , i was sooo happy i treated myself... got a dice tattoo...

pic below..


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