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lipotrim and flavoured water??


My husband = My hero
mmm as Mark said its not allowed on the diet.. plus there may be sugars hidden in it and all sorts...

if you can really try and cut down by drinking more plain water than flavoured and wean urself off the flavoured water...

it really is an all or nothing diet hunni... i know its hard but its not for ever



My husband = My hero
for your own good babe, otherwise ur never guna get into ketosis an this diet would be bloody miserable!!

best of luck xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Its a minimum of 2 litres chick!!

If you dont like it try cooling peppermint tea with ice... its ok adds a bit of flavour
Well done on your 5lbs, thats great!!

Regards to the water, i never used to drink water at all, i was a huge diet coke fan!!

Initially i did struggle. I started by just sipping it out of a sports bottle and it was so much easier than dinking it out of a glass, which always seemed to be never ending. I drink it out of a pint glass now and it oes down well.
Like the others have said, it is a minimum of 2litres. Also you may want to make your shakes up with a bit more water, i use 400ml. Every little helps.

You are allowed peppermint tea, all leaf teas,but no fruit teas.

Good luck
thats what i've been doing with the sports bottles, getting a 2 ltr bottle in the fridge and just refilling the sports bottle, i feel fine today, i haven't felt hungry at all, although i only ever use to eat in the evening anyway, so its night times that are proving to be a pain, i'm waking up earlier and counting down the hours until i can go to bed lol, think last night i was asleep by 9pm lol, not pleasing the boyfriend but oh well lmao.x


It really does work! :)
I found that the 1 litre bottled water bottles work a treat and are a good way of knowing exactly how much water you've had during the day (apart from in the shakes etc.)

I try to do 4 a day.

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