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Lipotrim and Trying For Baby...

:eek: Does anyone know the opinion of LT when trying to conceive? :eek:

We will be undergoing IVF shortly, as certain bits and bobs aren't quite working as they should [not weight related I might add] but thought it wise to try and shift some weight now before I get uber-fat [fingers crossd].

I'm assuming I'll have to stop if it's succesful, as it won't be sufficient for me and a bump - so prepared for that.

Waiting to speak to my consultant next week but wondered if any of you lovely people knew?
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Hi I wish you well with your IVF.

I don't know the answer, I am aware that the weight loss on lipotrim assists conception. Also a number of larger ladies (I include myself in that) who haven't had periods cos of their weight have started to have them so assume that helps conception!

You will need to seek some advice direct from lipotrim on this as the issue presumably will be that you will be on additional drugs as part of your IVF treatment and that may impact upon the effectiveness of lipotrim, or may mean lipotrim isn't providing you with the right nutrients. They are really good and I am sure they will give you some really excellent advice.

I bet someone on here already knows all about this, and will post later. My best wishes x
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Sorry Trixie, I don't know but I do have a friend who is a fertility nurse who I could ask for you.

Another friend has had IVF and I do know she was advised to lose weight to help her chances (she didn't and still isn't pregnant) so I'd guess try to lose as much as you can until you get pregnant.

Good luck hun. Which clinic are you having your treatment at? Is it the MFS?

I do know when i started they asked me could i be pregnant or was i planning on getting pregnant in the next 3 months so i deffo think you should discuss with the Consultant and possibly the LT folks


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Hi, weight loss definitely aids conception if you are overweight. You need to check with your Dr. about whether it is safe to continue after conception.
Praying that you get your miracle!

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You absolutely cannot continue LT if you are pregnant. The shakes contain a high amount of Vitamin A which would be harmful to the baby.
Thanks all x

I mentioned it to the chemist when I started but he said just to check with my consultant - so I will be able to do that next week.

Weight isn't preventing us conceive but agree, it can only help.

Sorry Trixie, I don't know but I do have a friend who is a fertility nurse who I could ask for you.

[Cuddlyfairy] Good luck hun. Which clinic are you having your treatment at? Is it the MFS?
I'm having treatment at Care [private] as NHS is 3 years wait.
If you're friend can help - that'd be great, thanks x

Thank you for all your lovely wishes x
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Hi Trixie,

I'm not having IVF treatment, I just know someone who works there. I live down south and have 3 children - enough for anyone!!!! It is my friend who is having treatment.

I spoke to my friend who said they don't treat people unless their BMI is 30-35 or lower depending on their age. They would tell someone to get their BMI down before they started treatment and not be in ketosis as this might affect the drugs or be affected by the drugs. I do hope that is some help.

Good luck.

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There are quiet a few LT babies..it seems to make people more fertile.. even people who were on the pill got pregnant!! stop LT if you are pregnant i dont see the problem..infact there was someone 2 weeks ago who had lost weight, was on LT and found out she was pregnant and was told told to eat healthly
Enjoy and good luck making babies xxx

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