Lipotrim convert....worried it's not safe

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  1. Fat2ThinGirl

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    The Cambridge Diet
    Hi everyone,

    I've converted to Lipotrim after struggling to afford lighterlife but haven't started yet as there are a few things that are worrying me.

    On both cambrige and lighterlife in the past I've been given 4 foodpacks a day but on lipotrim you only get 3. Each food pack with LL is 125 calories and with lipotrim it's slightly more at 141 but still having 3 would not give me the same amount as previous diets which worries me.

    I am also a bit confused and concerend about the water. When I was on LL in the past I was always told to drink a minimum of 4 litres of water a day (I had to have 5 as I kept on getting leg cramps) but on Lipotrim I've been told that as long as I drink 4 pint I'll be OK (surely i'll get very constipated on only 4 pints of water)!

    And also LL has a milk week every 13 weeks and on Cambridge there are some weeks were you have to eat a small amount of protein and green veg. This is in accordance with NICE guidelines for very low calorie diets but on Lipotrim you don't have anything except the packs.

    I wasn't even told that I had to have a medical.

    I am worried whether or not the diet is safe and if I have made a mistake converting to it.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Also I would like to know how long people have been on lipotrim as I have a lot of weight to lose and it is likely to take about a year so if anyone has been on it a very long time and has suffered no ill effects I would love to hear from you!

    Hope you can help reassure me as I really want to do it (I am just stalling till I am sure it is safe)!


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  3. BlackRose

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    well - I do get constipated so absolutely beat the water in to you! And I have to lose another thre and a half stone but a girl at my pharmacy lost 10st in 8 months - and I'm sre she had the odd slip up! The total food replacement phase only has to last as long as you want it - I'm sure on the 'maintenance' phase where you can eat salad and veg you can continue to lose weight with ketosis and the calorie gap still being sufficient.

    You do get all the nutrients you need - apart from the water of course. And it does start to feel normal after a while.

    I like this diet but it is very hard. Hopefully this has helped a little bit.
  4. Rising_Sun

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    Hi there,

    I'm on CD but I did check out lipotrim (attracted by the cost). I read their information and listened to the programme CD. It is as safe as other VLCD. The pharmacist does the basic checks to ensure you are o.k to go on the programme. I was told that if the pharmacist picked up on anything that might affect my ability to start or continue with the diet then I would need my GP to get involved, which made sense. I think the water (4pints) is a minimum recommedation. The pharmacist I saw certainly recommended more. I think it all depends on the competence of the pharmacist. Not all of them have experienced the diet in order to promote it, one of the reasons I returned to CD. That and the choice of flavours.

    If you feel you need the flexibility of 4 shakes a day, then perhaps you could split one or more of your shakes.

    I think all the VCLD available in UK have the same basic principles so what you picked up from LL should do you good. Talk over your concerns with the pharmacist or find another.

    Goodluck on your journey.
  5. lilytiger22

    lilytiger22 Member

    i started lt this week and it is not 4 pints you need but 4 litres and as long as you keep this up you should be ok and please remeber doing this diet is far safer than the food you keep eating and the weight you keep putting on so please just bite the bullet there are always pitfalls in life but with sites like this where there is lots of support you will do fine and well done for trying to lose the weight
  6. Julie84

    Julie84 Full Member

    Slimming World
    No, it is just 4 pints you need to have. However, this is a minimim and if you can drink 4 litres a day then all the better!

    Be completely honest when filling in the survey because if there are any concerns it is much better that everyone is aware and your GP is involved - it doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to do the diet.

    I am probably looking at being on Lipotrim for about 8 to 9 months. I have done a lot of research on the internet, read some (very dull) clinical studies and talked with my pharmacist at length and being on this diet for that length of time is far better than carrying this weight round with me for the same amount of time (without factoring in the possibility of adding more). My pharmacist also said she has noticed that those who are on it longer tend to be better maintainers as your brain and taste buds have a lot longer to be reconditioned to healthier eating and preparing for a different way of life.

    I think the most important thing is that you are comfortable with the diet you are on though - if you are worried about Lipotrim and completely abstaining from food until your goal then you may find it more difficult to stick to.

    Whatever you choose, good luck. :) xx
  7. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    They are all made by the same people xx
  8. spannerpan

    spannerpan Full Member

    I agree with Julie - in that it probably does reducate your taste buds. After a week i went to Tescos and saw Starburst sweets on special offer and I thought my god I bet they would taste REALLY strong to me now.

    I also think it IS safe but in any case I doubt you would very suddenly become serioiusly ill on it unless you had some underlying medical problem - you would get warning signs of being ill first and you would of course need to be sensible about it and ask the pharmacist/your GP for help.
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  9. Mini

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    Hi Ellie,

    If you are worried at all talk to your pharmacy about your worries and your doctor. There is nothing stopping you having a monthly check up with your own doctor as this might help with reassurance or you could ask your pharmacist do check your blood pressure for you.

    Love Mini xxx
  10. Yuna

    Yuna Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b

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    My pharmacist recomended drinking between 4-5 litres a day. 4 glasses is an absolute minimum.

    I was on LT for over 2 months and I have to say I felt fantastic cos it gives u everything u need.

    It also boosted my immune system.

    Best of luck
  11. Emma81

    Emma81 New Member

    u can hirer the dvd from boots and it wll answer all your questions x
  12. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

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    If it wasn't safe, I doubt anyone would do it unless they were insane about losing weight that they didn't care.

    It is safe, sure you get constipated, some get the opposite affect, but it's such an effective programme. There are many health benefits on LT, just borrow the DVD that you watch before you start, it explains everything :)
  13. JanD

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    You can watch the dvd on the lipotrim website.
    It's perfectly safe. It is probably the most severe of the VLCDs and I like it that way. The shakes/soup/flapjacks are necessary nutrition, not meant to be 'enjoyed' just palatable.

    Good luck whatever you decide. x
  14. summergurl

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    Yup i agree with Jan - i never even bothered reading about another vlcd as i liked the idea of LT as it was so limited - this helps keep me on the straight and narrow; that and pure determination! I love the chocolate shakes but jan is right - they are just meant to be palatable.

    I think everyone has pretty much answered your questions chick although one thing i will add is that LT did originally start off as a programme that you could only get from your GP - so 100% safe :)

    I have been on it nearly 13 weeks and have lost 4st1.5lbs - how much do you need to lose?
  15. FloridaGirl

    FloridaGirl Full Member

    JanD and Summergurl have hit the nail on the head!!!!!! cant really add to that!!!!
  16. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    If it wasn't safe we all wouldn't be here losing as much weight as we are.

    I've never felt better and never been able to lose this amount of weight in such a short space of time. Sure, the first week can be a bit tough and drinking loads of water does take effort but it is so worth it. This site is fantastic for spurring you on, as are your weigh ins.

    I'm starting week 17 today and have lost 5sts 7lbs so far. Can't tell you how happy I am about that.

    Good luck if you chose LT, we're all here to support and help you in any way we can.
  17. monique's memoirs

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    lipotrim diet
    yes its totally safe and 4 pints is the minimum and 4lts the maximum so anywhere between is great i recommend this diet to so many ppl and there are so many moms at the school starting it now lol there will hardley be any big ppl at all in my town lol with me going on a rampage telling evryone how great the diet is and the shake shake is the best ive ever tasted mmmmm ive tried every diet and this is the best and 100% safe

    lipotrim fumula foods
    you will probably have tried to diet on previous occasions,but failed. But now, for the first time, We can offer you an opportunity to experience a weight reduction programme previously only available with medical supervision. Your lipotrim weight reduction programme can now be supervised by our pharmacist.

    see totally safe :)
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  19. rosie mae

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    yes its hard, yes you can feel low, but you feel better than you did when eating the crap that made us put the weight on in the first place, just get rid of the weight, its a year out of your life, then we can join in life, rather than trying to avoid it... i have lost nearly 4 stone, just trying to get the last bit off.... you can do it, one day at a time.... good luck x
  20. helen55

    helen55 Full Member

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    then we can join in life, rather than trying to avoid it

    this^^^ 100%
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