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Lipotrim Fibreclear

I have purchased some but was just wondering how effective it is?
I'm not having too much trouble but feel this may help things a little!!
I know everyones different but does anyone know how long it takes to have an effect ie. if I take some last thing at night, will it take effect in the morning!!!??
I'm worried I will get caught short at work if I don't plan things right!! lol

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I have one spoon a day and i 'go' more now than when i was eating food! It started the next day but theres no exact time when i go... Its not diarrhoea or anything :cool:

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Remember that fibreclear is NOT a laxative. It is a fibre supplement so it will not have the same effect as laxatives. You should take it reguarly and see if you become a bit more regular. If not, increase the fibreclear. Some people need to take it with every shake to keep them right.
Personally, I take two psyllium husk capsules every day. These are also a natural fibre supplement. I find these work o.k for me. I go every other day(TMI) which is o.k.


Recovering Cookie Addict
I add it to the water for every shake and I have to say I'm now going less than before I started using it hehe I'm not taking it for it's laxative properties though, the LT has such little fibre in it I'm adding it just for health reasons really. Sorry, I know that probably doesn't help much lol
I have 1 spoon a day in a glass of water, and i go every day or every other day, usually in the evenings. I find its working very well for me.

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