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Lipotrim - First week

Hi everyone... Im on my first week of Lipotrim. I started on Thursday morning so now im on day 6. Ive hit a brick wall with my energy - completely sapped. Did any one else feel like this?? If so, how long did it last? Im also having headaches, even with drinking the recommended amount of water, though they arent as bad as they first were.

I am on a programme through my local pharmacy and my first weigh-in is on Thursday morning.

Im determined to lose weight but if this is how im going to feel all through it, I wont be able to stick it... I have my own business and have to hump boxes of stuff about, I was carrying a box last night and had to put it down, I didnt have the energy to pick it up again :confused:

Look forward to hearing from you all..

Deb x
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First off welcome DebT
Yes it all gets a lot easier and you will get more energy, the headaches do go and when you've been weighed you will see it was all worth it, good luck stick with it and let us know tomorrow!:D
oops, I meant thursday :eek::eek:
Thank you Julie...

I have been reading the weight loss diaries section and see that we share a love for horses. I have 3 - a 16.3 Irish Draft called Casper, a 14.3 cob cross mare called Izzy and a 16 hh Full bred trotter called Monty (he was a rescue horse).

Im trying to lose weight for their sakes more than anything lol, plus I sell riding wear and I cant fit into any of my own stock :s
Hi Deb
Yes we have the same love of horses but nowadays I cant afford to keep my own (BF moved out, so cash flow wont extend to horses anymore) but get round that at the moment with the friends one. Oh and my mum has my old driving pony at home (in his thirtys now so retired).
So its only occasional riding for me at the moment but if/when i get slim again I know lots of people that need horses exercising(I cant wait).
Sounds like you have some lovely animals which must keep you busy most of the time.
Good luck with the diet I'm very sure once you've weighed in you'll love it.
The headaches and tiredness should pass. It's recommended that you don't exercise too much in week one, your body is adusting to a VLCD so if you are moving boxes it might have made you a bit dizzy. How much water are you drinking. Try and aim for 3.5 Liters in addition to any in the shakes. It keeps you hydrated. when you are eating regular food, it actually contains more water than you think and you don't have this source now. I hope this helps a little bit. Keep focused, you will find the balance that suits you Good luck with your first wi xxxx


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Hey debs it does get easier im on day ten and im so full of energy! just keep at it and youll get through it,,,your weigh in tomorrow should spur you on some more once you see how the scales are! good luck and just keep sipping that water x
Hi Marie and Pudge.. aww im having bad food cravings today but trying to push through it.

I changed my weigh in to today as I wouldnt have had a shake left for breakfast in the morning until I got my weigh in.

I lost 6 lbs. I dont know whether to be pleased or not lol, with the way I have felt id have hoped to have lost more.

Just going to take this one day at a time.


addicted to minimins!!
6lbs is half a stone girlie thats loads! that would take three weeks on a normal diet!.. i know its hard right now but no point giving up now as youve already started and your nearly through the tough part!...keep at it,,keep yourself occupied and youll be fine... :) *hugs* its totally worth it! :) x
ty Pudge x

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