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lipotrim hell

Hi there

You CAN stick to it and you WILL stick to it!!! The whole key to this diet is mindset and water. If you're in the right frame of mind and genuinely dead set on doing it then you will, but your head does have to be in the right place.

To curb the hunger over the first few days you need to be drinking near on 4 litres of water per day. Once the first 4/5 days are over your body will be in ketosis and you'll sail through the following weeks.

Another tip I found helpful when I first started was logging onto here. Firstly its somewhere for support when you're feeling like you might 'cave' and secondly its so inspiring to see how well people are doing. You can also try logging onto shopping websites and choosing your new wardrobe!!

Best of luck!! x


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The first couple of days are very tough so don't beat yourself up about it.

If you divide your shakes in two and instead of having three meals you have six mini meals spread out over the course of the day this can help to balance the blood sugars.

Just need to remember to make each mini meal up fresh and consume within 15 to 20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble.

If you are finding the taste of the shakes a bit ugh...it will help to drink a glass of water before drinking your shake as it will help to dilute the strong taste of the vitamins and minerals.

This strong taste of vitamins and minerals will go away in a few days and then you will be only able to taste the flavours such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

However I have always found the chicken soup very strong tasting and could never manage the taste...

I did grow to like the flapjacks and found them very handy when traveling or going out with friends for a meal.

Try and keep yourself occupied and set yourself some mini goals that are achievable in the short term.

Most find that the first weigh in gives them the motivation to keep moving forward.
Listen to skinnyminicoming, she knows her stuff. Its tough but soooo rewarding!
First things first get in the frame of mind as said above. Then go buy a new top in smaller size and hang it up in yr bedroom so you can see it everyday. Focus on this when you get up in morning and last thing at night. Thinspiration. Then get a terrible photo of yrself all jam rolley polley that shows you the whole reason you choose to do a weightloss plan, stick it up somewhere to remind yrself.

A really good trick is a visual one, its true that if you focus on a picture of food for a few minutes, allow yr thoughts to break free, the hungry, I want to eat it, the no Im not going to eat it Im strong etc, even the smell then the brain will start to tell itself you have had it or that you no longer need it. It really does work but if you find this more of a torture method then I'm sorry for suggesting it, it really does work for me and many other of my friends who do these strict but worth it diets. Good luck, you'll make it.
The fact yr keen to get started again is a good thing, keep the positive attitude. You can only but try!


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If you have started again just keeping going if you can as by Monday you could be in ketosis and this is when the diet becomes much easier to do.


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You could well have six pounds off by Thursday morning and attending your weigh in is very important for keeping you on track.

Not many people manage to have a perfect first week...as you have got to get use to a whole new way of thinking and if like me you nibbled a lot when cooking it can be extremely difficult to unlearn in just one week.

I have a friend and no matter how hard she tried she could never get past the first day, so you are doing pretty well, you just need to stop being so hard on yourself.:grouphugg:


Eyes on the Prize!!
You can do this! Find out what your triggers are and write them down. Or come on here and say "Someone stop me I'm about to eat!!!!" We'll all say "NO STEP AWAY FROM THE FRIDGE!!!!" :D:D:D

If you think you can then you will!

If you think you can't then who can?

So you must think you can so you will!!


No longer a redhead though!
You can always go back for your next weeks supply and NOT have a weigh in at all - if you wanted!! Just a thought. xx

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