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    Hello everyone,

    Been lurking here and reading everyone's posts since I started LT again on Saturday.
    Did it over the summer for 6 weeks and lost 32lbs but was still 18lbs away from my target.
    Since then have put on 7lbs (mainly from Christmas over indulgence!!).
    Day 4 and I feel great...everyone said it would be so much harder the second time around but so far so good.
    Went out with friends for dinner last night which didn't phase me and out again tonight for a birthday party. Thank God for fizzy water!
    Just because you're on LT doesn't mean life stops!!!

    Just wanted to hear from anyone who may be doing this for a second (third, fourth or fifth!!!) time - will the weight come off at the same rate as round 1???
    I have enough shakes to go until the 5th March but after reading everything on here it's made me feel like maybe if I do an extra couple of weeks
    i'd be much better off! You've all given me the weight loss bug!

    Thanks for reading!

    Kerrie x

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