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Lipotrim then on to Exante


Otherwise known as Jools
My colleague and I both went straight from LT to Exante with no problems. As both diets are based on very similar principles you should be ok. The only main difference apart from the flavours/textures you get a few more calories a day on Exante - if I remember right its nearer 600 calories a day instead of 450. Good luck.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Once you are swapping one tfr plan for another there should be no impact on your losses.

ps. hi jools! hope you are doing o.k. how is ww suiting you? I'm trying a gl approach for a little. It is going o.k.
What is exante and GL?


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Hey Taylor.

I didnt switch from one to the other but like the others have said the principle is the same so i shouldnt imagine there would be a problem. Only the calorie intake. Which is minimal.

So no need to worry, just jump straight on :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Princess, Exante is another TFR diet but there is a better variety of products in it and it is slightly cheaper than LT.
GL is another approach to dieting which is based on the glycemic load of foods. Further info here:
that is my plan as well, i've got about two weeks worth of lipotrim and then i'm planning to swap to exante. Lipotrim is £45 a week here, so it's much cheaper for exante with the bumper pack 4 weeks for £99. Here's hoping the results will be similar.


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Aye. Im sure the results will pretty much be the same. The diet is the same, just different branding, different flavours but exante is more calories which isnt going to do any harm as were still on very little.

I lost 11lbs in both my first weeks of lipotrim and 12lbs in my first week of exante. Virtually the same :)


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:giggle: Taylor!!!

When i started LT for the first time last January the week before i had everything i could think of. I had atleast one of kfc, mcdonalds, burgerking, chinese, fish and chips, subway, jakes (local student after a night out getting drunk get food joint). I ate endless crisps, chocolate and bread too.

Now, i have had 2 chinese's and 1 fish and chips since Jan 09. Pretty good going for a burd who had atleast 1 take away a week! (besides the odd bite of the bfs burger or piece of kfc chicken)

So, personally, i think its good to get it all out yer system. Have what ya want especially if your going to be starting a tfr.
re: summergurl

I think it is so fantastic all the threads here about how successful people have been - im on day 9! I lost 9lbs in the first week and there are days where im feeling great and doing ok and then there are days where i just want to cry because im finding it so hard! Im alternating my water between sparkling and still JUST so i can feel a difference in my mouth, and im keeping a diary and writing down absolutely everything in it - the highs the lows, even down to "was absolutely freezing all day" comments.
Does it get any easier?! I have to weigh in a few days early this week - in two days in fact so i know its not gonna be a full week, and ive set myself a goal to loose 5lbs a week as ive a bikini with my name on it for June 12th - can someone tell me though, how can i make it to June 12th without loosing the will to live!!!
I have to admit, reading the posts here has helped me some - given me an "umhp" that others went through what im going through - what made you get through the low points?? :cry:


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For 1, 5lbs a week is a high weightloss and you shouldnt base your weeks on that as you will inevitabley be dissapointed. The average loss is 1st a month which is still incredible.

Just stick at it, its soooooo worth it :)
Ive just been looking at Exante website, is this the right one?
Exante - Meal Replacement and Diet Products

If this is the right one, then Im really considering doing it because this fits in ideal. Am I right in thinking that you just order it on the internet? Do you have to put your weight in and everything?

What I am doing at the moment, Im using my excess CD and LT packs up and between me and my OH we have 3 weeks worth of packs and then we were going to go back to LT but its really hard to get appointments with our LT counsellor because we both work such long hours. If I can get my diet from the internet that would be ideal for me. Thanks for highlighting it up to me!!!!


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Exante Diet Solutions | Solutions

There is all the solutions for exante. You can incorporate meals with exante or you can do the total solution which is the same as Lipotrim.

You have a lipotrim counsellor???? Lipotrim is only sold through the chemist, do you mean cambridge counsellor?

Exante, yes you just order online. You dont need to put in your weight or anything, i didnt, which is a little worrying but im sensible and im sure you are too. :)
Lol, yeah I meant pharmacist. I did CD in 2007 and am just used to calling the people a counsellor! :)

Im definately going to switch to exante. Im just a teeny bit scared about not being in ketosis with it but from what Ive been reading on here it seems to be in the same kind of regime that Ive done in the past with LT and CD. Im a bit concerned as I have read the bars take you out of ketosis is that right? Well, I have about 3-4 stones to lose aiming from a size 14-16 to a size 10 and plan to be doing this diet until the end of July. Thanks for helping!

Yes Im pretty sensible. Im very experience with VLCD's and after a few blips and bad experiences I now think they are the best invention in the world. Seriously it changed my life in 2007 and I hope it will change it again for me. Ive had an awful year of depression and need some positivity and health back.


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No, the bars dont take you out of ketosis, they may if you have more than 1 a day which is why they state 'only one a day'.

Good luck with exante, dont want to deter you from this site but there is an exante forum on here and some people over there know massive amounts about it so its worth a goose :) xxx
Hi all!
this exante thing does sound good because of the not doing a 20 mile round trip to get weighed and pick up lt. It is a little difficult for me as i dont drive and have to rely on people to take me. Does anyone know how the exante products compare to lt taste wise?

I lost 4lbs this week! week 2
thanks. Jen

week 1 - 8lbs
week 2 - 4lbs


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Hi jenny.
Everyones tastes are different but here is my personal opinion on the exante products:

Banana shake - blurgh
Vanilla shake - blurgh
Strawberry shake - blurgh
Chocolate shake - blurgh

To me all i can taste is powder and water. They have very little flavour and its usually only after ive swallowed i can taste something. Not my cup of tea but i theyre not meant to be nice right! (LT chocolate shakes were the bees knees i tell ya! :giggle:)

Mushroom soup - yum
Tomato & basil soup - yum
Vegetable soup - yum
Thai chicken soup - yum

So, i adore the soups on this diet. (not too keen on the mushroom bits in the mushroom soup but taste wise fine). I look forward to it every night! They really are quite yummy! You can add spices etc on Exante but i dont feel as if i need to :)

Nut, raisen & toffee bar - delish. Has actual real raisens in! :drool:

Chocolate orange bar - even better! :drool: Actual real choco chips! Tastes like im eating a segment of Terrys Chocolate Orange, the one with krispie bits in!

Dont take this as gospel or anything as, like i say everyones taste buds are different.

For me though it was a no brainer as exante i was saving £50. But, if Lipotrim was the same price then there wouldve been no doubt i wouldve gone back to the chemist for that.

Oh, and well done on your weight loss so far :)
Thanks for all your help summergurl. Ive now ordered 2 x 4 week supply, one for me and one for hubby. Im so excited now to try it out! Ive already had a look at the Exante Forum but it didnt seem to be that active. I'll probably hang out there and here too because I remember how awesome these forums were when I did LT.

Its funny you should say you liked the LT choc, I found them all to be foul in comparison to the CD shakes which I LOVED (esp. Banana)!

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