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Lipotrim to Atkins

Hi, im sure this has been asked before but i cant find the answer, Im wondering if I switch from Lipotrim to Atkins do I need to do the refeed first? not sure how it would work with already being in ketosis and the lipotrim guidlines say if you dont do the refeed you may start putting all your weight back on so its a bit confusing. Im hoping one of you will have done it and can tell me quicker than surfing the net . Thanks :)
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Never give up
I'll be doing this in a month, and deffo not refeeding as per lipotrim Daisy, because I don't want to lose my lovely ketosis. I'm quite happy to put on a few pounds rather than go through the agony of that first week feeling crap again!

Someone will come along with the official line soon (or if you post on the LT forum, Nick will know) ;) but this is your diet, manage it as you please! :D
Thanks guys......... yeah thats what i was thinking waterworks, dont mind a slight gain whilst adjusting just didnt want to do anything stupid and start stacking fat when i start eating lol I need more research. Thanks for advice xx
just finished myfirst week on atkins after doing 10 or so on cambridge diet and lost 3lbs very happy and tbh just did a strict induction week helps thats you are allready ina very importnat habbit drinking shed loads of water
Thanks Fisherman that sounds very encouraging, I have been reading up on Atkins and it does seem to make sense after a tfr plan. Good luck with the rest of your journey. :)


Never give up
Ah fisherman, you're the very man I need. I'll be torturing you with questions in a couple of weeks. :D

In fact, let me start now - did you do any carbs at all first week? If so, how much per day? I assume much less than 20g? And are you eating proper sized meals or just the 4oz servings of chicken/fish etc they recommend when refeeding?

I have this vision of stopping TFR one day and sitting down to half a cow's worth of steak the next. Then I wake up and something tells me that just isn't the way it's gonna be. I'd appreciate blow-by-blow specifics if you had time. :)


Never give up
Oops, sorry for totally hijacking your thread Daisy - I get over-excited at the thought of actually eating again! ;)

When do you plan to change over?
No its fine waterworks ! I seem to be following you around today lol Ive been researching atkins for two days and its not helping as I want to eat now lol I been laughing and drooling at the pic of sausage packets on another thread we were both on lol I been imagining going to the supermarket to photograph the food lol
(Stop and focus girl get a grip ) lol
tbh just swapped straight over to induction aiming for sub 20 carbs with most of that coming from veg, keeping up the 3+ litres of water a day and the great MIM to keep my fiber intake up i am not saying this is the right way to do it just working for me atm


Never give up
Oh yeah - circling the meeeeeeeat Jim! Foooooood!

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