Phase 1 atkins 20


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Hi all! Ive never used a forum so im not sure what im doing other than seeking a bit of support on the journey… I am 36 years old 5ft 3 and currently weigh 125.2kg. I want to get to about 57kg so a long way to go. My weight is really out of control leaving My mental and physical health in the toilet - hoping you guys can help keep me motivated to keep going and lose the weight! Ive chosen to do atkins. Fingers crossed!!!
Hi @Margiepuff Welcome to Minimins.

I'm doing keto. Atkins is a version of keto - so we can compare notes.

I look forward to chasing you down the kgs! I count in lbs. Come and join us on the Team 50 thread. We'll have a new thread for 2022 - so join us now to track whatever you want target for the rest of this year.

We copy and paste the latest list and update our progress each week. Choose whatever day you like to check in.