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Lipotrim user

Discussion in 'Exante' started by jennimet, 28 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. jennimet

    jennimet Member

    Am doing lipotrim and have lost 2 stone in 5 weeks. I was planning on loosing 4 1/2 stone then switching to slimming world for my remaining 2 stone. But I've just stumbled across exante and I'm intrigued. Can some of you tell me your weekly weight losses on this? It seems to be a lot cheaper than lipotrim too. On lipotrim I'm loosing roughly 5 lb a week and I would like to keep it up! Thanks in advance
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  3. jennimet

    jennimet Member

    Also. Why do u have to take a break every 3 weeks but on lipotrim you don't ?
  4. Glitterbug

    Glitterbug Well-Known Member

    I have done both and I didn't find any difference in losses. Exante is cheaper and personally I have found much nicer. I think the real is because no one is supervising you like that do on Lipotrim. I've done this over a few months and never bothered with a break.
  5. Jah95

    Jah95 New Member

    I started the lipotrim diet today! I am struggling :( headaches- 3 shakes - feeling sick. Motivation needed
  6. ClairGee

    ClairGee Active Member

    Sick with it. Only 2-3 more days and you'll get a nice energy boost.
    Cmon. You can do it.
    Just remember what made you start.
    Now get to bed and rest :D xx

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