Exante 800 plan isn't working for me! help?


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I'm coming up to my first month on the Exante 800 plan (i think it was previously called a total solution) and it just isn't working. When I started, my BMI was only fraction in the area that meant I could do the programme. I was 10 stone 5 and I wanted to reach 8 stone, i'm 5 foot 4.

I have stuck to the plan 100 percent,drinking 2.5 - 3 litres and I have lost a total of 2lbs! My weight has just stuck at 10 stone 3. My face looks more bloated than before I was on the diet, the only plus seems to be that I have more energy and I'm not hungry. To be honest I'm at a loss as to why it isn't working for me, I lost more on slimming world!
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I found the less I had to lose on Exante the less I lost. I was stalling at 12 stone so I m not surprised you are. Your weight sounds within normal limits anyway.


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I think you're right. I weighed myself and have lost a little more now but nowhere near what I was expecting. I have enough products to last until April and then I think I'm going to calorie/carb count instead. This diet only seems to work if you have a lot of weight to shift.


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It's TRUE that, the lower your current weight the less you loose, but I suspect it's also down to the 3 pack old way 4 pack new advice.
I'm doing 600 calories so 3 packs. Whilst it's only a difference of 200 calories it made a huge difference to how the diet worked for me.
If your predominantly having bars, I think they have fractionally more carbs in than the shakes. Depending on how well your metabolism is working it may be the difference between true ketosis (fat burning) and being on the edge of ketosis.

You do state your feeling like you have more energy and are more active. They do advise no real working out, because it's a really small amount of calories, some struggle and find losses stop when they start working out.
I vaguely remember bring told by a cambridge consultant you can end up forcing the body to break down muscle. Obviously fact check all that. If working out or exercise is something you enjoy it might be a better idea to try something like slimming world.