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Lipotrim V Cambridge diet

Hi everyone

I was hoping that you wonderful people could help me out with this one, I was wanting to start a VLCD and was thinking about Lipotrim as I have heard some good success stories, However, after looking on the forum I was wondering what the Cambridge diet was like in comparison to Lipotrim. eg Weightloss, Shakes etc.

I am getting a little confused and can't decide which one to go for. Cost is an issue as well. Does CD cost the same as Lipotrim?

Many thanks
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I think CD is more expensive than Lipotrim, theres also more of a variety on CD, and there are councillors on hand all the time to assist you with any queries, all in all could be the perfect diet to lose weight

however, the simpleness of LT makes it very easy to lose weight, all you do is follow the bag and the pounds are falling off you, not much variety on LT but that suits most people including myself perfectly fine. LT is cheaper aswell I believe.

As for the weight losses, some will say they lose weight the same, but from what I've seen PERSONALLY, the losses on CD are inferior to the losses on LT. If only by a pound or two a week, they all add up in the end.

Hope this helps, and if I'm misinformed as far as the weight losses go, I'd love to be proved wrong ;)
Thanks for your reply Aaron, I have been searching the forums and trying to work out the weight loss thing! All I was thinking is that the CD SS plan is 415 cals per day which is about the same as LT so I was thinking that this should give the same weight loss?
Hi , I started on Lipotrim and swapped to Cambridge 3 weeks ago !! The cost is about the same ( LT is £36 a week and CD is between £35 and £38 depending what you have , bars are more etc )
I found LT great to start as the choice is so limited and the shakes are not 'gorgeous' so it took all the emphasis off food and tastes .
However I hit a wall and descided rather than fall off the wagon I would swap to CD SS+ ( 3 shakes and a 200 calorie meal ) .. the CD shakes taste amazing , as do the soups and bars , and it is great although I find it harder to stick to , and as they taste sooo amazing its tempting to have an extra bar or shake ...
so in my opinion , Lipotrim is a great start when loosing weight .. but I like the fact CD introduces food back into the equation and helps you to deal with it and teaches you what to eat etc .. rather than going from 3 shakes to food again , CD you work through a number of 'plans' gradually getting used to and in control of eating again :)
hope this helps :)
Hi Katie

Thanks for your post, I have decided to go for the CD, I have just emailed a councilor and will hopefully start on the 15th March (I have a couple of events coming up!)
I can't wait, I do like the thought of being able to have porridge in the morning!
I will keep you posted!
Amy x


Size 14 here i come!
Good choice! See you on the CD forum, also if you look at weight losses of people on ss then they are just as good as LT hun!

Good luck with it!


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks stinkybreath! (I feel bad saying that he he!)
Don't worry about it, i'm not stinky or fat anymore so not really bothered what i get called, to an extent! lol;)

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