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Lipotrim v Cambridge


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i know you get alot more flavours and choices on CD, Nictastic has just changed from lt to cd im sure she will be able to enlighten you


Says it as it is!!!
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Its fab, but,I will get shouted at if i do it on here tho lol
Not going to upset my mate GAZZA XX Love ya gaz... I would post this on the CD forum xx


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Both diets have their good points. LT is limited in flavors and bars, so you don't really have much of a choice. It works by being very strict. CD has a lot more flavors. I personally prefer them and can eat the bars whereas with LT, I cannot. I love the fact that its not only SS, you have SS+ and can move up the plans and add meals. This is good if you have a social event, but for some people can be a slippery road to cheating. You know yourself. If you are inclined to cheat then stick with LT, but if not and want more choice then choose CD. I love them both.
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I was always a chocoholic and have heard the choccy bars are yummy - which is why I stick to LT!!!! I haven't missed chocolate since starting LT and think those CD bars may be the slippery slope to getting back to my habit!!!! I may not be able to stop at one!!!!

The CD refeeding does sound better - slower - but I don't really know enough about it.

Good luck.



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Only done the this so cannot help. Although i would day if you are an all or nothing or compulsive type person this will suit you well x


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
LT is fab! I changed because i wanted to eat savory flavours! I have not tried any of the chocolate covered bars on CD, as that is what i want to stay away from when i finish!
There are more flavour choices and you can buy premade tetras.
I personally feel the refeed / diet stages increase suit me best and will have a better impact on my long term eating
You see a counciller on a weekly basis rather than a chemist ..... i have to say tho, if i liked the chicken soup i would have stuck to LT!
The choice is very personal, if you are already doing LT why not book an appointment to see a CDC and get all the information you require to make an informed desicion x

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