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Lipotrim versus Cambridge

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hi all!

right so i had never heard of lipotrim untill today! have done cd three times before - once properly losing 2 and a half stone in 4 weeks and twice a few days each giving up and putting it all back on! basically i don't have huge amount of funds but desperate to loose weight and find ww does nothing for me! has anyone done cd and lipotrim - what are the differences? whats the difference cost wise - i am 5ft 8 which means on cd i have to have 4 shakes a day which makes it over £40 a week!

love to hear from people who have chosen one over the other! xx
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Well for women Lipotrim is £36 a week, and there is a current thread discussing the men's price (i'm sorry i cant tell which you are! :rolleyes:)

I've never done cambridge, but my mum is doing it now so i know a little!

if you want your weight shifted quick, either do Lipotrim, or the SS plan on cambridge. i'm feeling rather loyal to Lipotrim at the moment so i'd obviously say come join us! you could find your nearest pharmacy on the lipotrim website and go and ask them all about it.

good luck! hope to see you on our forum soon!!



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Sorry Cad

I am no use, as I havent ever done Cambridge, but all I know is what I have achieved so far on LT. I also pay £36 a week, and it is well worth the money...I would spend that easily on good/junk in a week anyway.

Hope you are able to make your decision, but you will defintely see quick results, if you put in the effort and stick with the program 100%.


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Yup, like the others have said £36 a week for a woman on LT.

I'm biased as i've done LT and LOVE it so naturally i'm guna say come on over and join us!!! :D

LT gets fantastic results if you stick with it :)


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HI Cad

I did try Cambridge but for only 1 day as I found the shakes awful and couldnt stick with them but after only being on wk2 on lipotrim Im finding it ok, never thought Id be able to go a whole day without food let alone 8 days and like some of these 12 wks etc...

It is a fab diet and well worth the £36 per wk and I think its actually £58 for men.


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I think they are both great TFR diets, each has it's own benefits. Have a look into them in the internet perhaps? There is loads of info.

Good Luck x


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I agree they both have their merits (I've done both in my time) and lost weight on them equally well.

I recently switched from LT to Exante (www.exanteinc.com) where you can order a variety pack off the internet for £37 for a week's supply.

I'm on this now and it's absolutely great - I much prefer it to Lipotrim but that's just my personal taste. Good luck, keep us posted!


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Ive never done cambridge, but it does have more flavours!!

Im also and LT lover and would vote for it lol!!

Im in northern ireland and it cost me £45 a week
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Ah thank you everyone! I am indeed a lady but unfortunately a tall one which means i apparently need manly portions on cd which while
great is expensive! i am going to try ww for a week until i get paid ( i have food in the house, it would be rude not to eat it) and then have a chat with the pharmacist! when i looked on lipotrim it said i would probably do the maintanience program tho because my bmi is about 28! don't know if thats correct? i do like the meal replacement diets because the weight loss is so quick but i found after my first success its harder and harder t stick to it! tahnk you for you advice and isha - the delivery system seems great, i shall research that, after all they do a similar job its just down to personal preference like you said!! xxx

oh and summergurl - amazing piccies!
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I have done both cambridge and Lipotrim and both of them are around the same amount of money.

On comparision you have got cambridge which there are lot more flavours and Lipotrim which has only got a few.

As I am an all or nothing girl I would prefer to stick with LT as it reduces your taste however there are no pharmacy's around here that provides it thats why I am still stuck on cd. I always tended to pick at other foods on cambridge because of the variety that you are tempted by.

Also the downside of LT is your stuck to the times and days of the pharmacy's where you can see your cdc to suit around you. If you are lucky you can get a good pharmacist who will take your blood pressure and take inches measurements as well and also have a chat with you regarding the weight. Although there is not many of them around. I found the one that I went to, ya were in and out within 15mins. Don't be surprised if they charge ya a consultation fee, I was charged £15 for a half an hour and when I was on LT it cost me £38, not that cost mattered.

Anyways it doesn't matter which vlcd that you go for at the end of the day they do the same thing you just have to find the right one for you.
hi I am considering doing the CD but I have Irritable bowel symdrome. Does any one know if this will be affected? I have 4 stone to loose and WW isn't working I really want to do the CD but if it is going to have side effects for the IBS then I will have to reconsider.

S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi I am considering doing the CD but I have Irritable bowel symdrome. Does any one know if this will be affected? I have 4 stone to loose and WW isn't working I really want to do the CD but if it is going to have side effects for the IBS then I will have to reconsider.

I have IBS and it has absolutely no side effects at all if anything the diet change has made it better. However I did find the chocolate shake and toffee and walnut was a little rich in CD so beware. If you keep a food diary of what triggers you off then you will soon find what shakes suits you better. For me porridge, strawberry and chilli soup works for me. You could be different so best to try each one.

Gud luck
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hiya thanks for your help!!!

went to the pharmacy to start lipotrim, rung them first as it's far away, and when i got there was told by some rather annoying girl that i had to watch a dvd first before i could do anything! then she said oh and its expensive and was basically clueless to why someone would go on a vlcd!! so i gave up!!!! phoned my cdc and went there monday to collect the shakes!!!! i see why lipotrim use the pharmacy but it was rather annoying! i'd rather see someone who understood why i wanted to do this and could offer me practical help!!! so i am on day 2 and feeling great!!! regardless of the hassle!!! :)


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To be fair, they are meant to give you the DVD so she was right there at least!

But sounds like you are happy either way - 0so all the very best with cambridge :):) hope it works well!
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yeh she offered it to me but you can also watch it on the internet! i had told her i wanted to start that day as i live so far away and work in retail so can't just pop over to them! was a bit annoyed! but hey ho cd is a bit more flexible if not £20 a week dearer eek!!!!
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Good luck with the CD. As you have experienced yourself the only negative about LT is some of the pharmacists haven't a clue! At least with CD your counsellor will have been through it themselves and know what you are going through. I'm a LT fan though I haven't tried CD - I thought the variety of flavours and the bars may be too tempting and might end up eating one weeks worth in one or two days!!!!!!!


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