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You might have knocked your ketosis back a bit but if you want to do this diet and the results can be spectacular - then move on and refocus your mind. Its a very hard diet to do, but you must remember why you wanted to do the diet as that will help you to get through it. You may have to take a few days to get back into Ketosis again and if you feel the need to eat again then please come on here and read people's stories for inspiration and advice :D Good luck you can do this.
as long as your will power is strong and you get straight back on... you have eaten carbs and sugars so like above poster said you will be outta Ketosis, the danger is that your cravings will be stronger for a couple days now as you fight to get that sugar outta your system again.... dont give up though.. get through it and you will be stronger for it...
You may need to up your water intake to help your body flush out the food you have eaten. As long as you stick to the diet from now on you should be fine. I has a blip this weekend. I went to the Prodigy festival at MK bowl and ended up eating the biggest cheese burger! I really regretted it afterwards but I didn't dwell on it. For the rest of the week I followed LT to the letter and still managed to loose 3lbs. If your weight loss isn't high this week it's still a loss and at least you will know why it was low.

Stay strong - you can do it!!! :D
WOW - didnt expect the kind words and support, not joined a forum before. thanks everyone youve really inspired me to continue. I havent cheated since then, i'm on day 12 now and have a weekend away coming up so that will be a real challenge!


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Never mind Tash, just think of all the weight you hav lost and will still lose. Just get back on track:you can do it!
i totally understand how you feel i almost slipped yesterday as was feeling unwell and just totally wanted to eat everything in sight but dint then cried for ages lol. but back on the motivation train today so chin up and refocus again. you,ll be fine x x x


a new way of living!
advice for the weekend away:

I had my hen night recently and had friends staying over who I ate out with and I still mangaged to lose by:

sticking to protein, (nandos is good for eating out, go for the chicken salad, the half chicken affected my ketosis more than the salad did).

avoid alcohol

avoid all carbs, soft drinks (even diet ones) fruit etc...

buy a shaker (from lloyds chemist, holland and barratt, some boots) and take your shakes and shaker with you. stay in ketosis (by avoiding crackers and the like!) and you will find it easier.

eventually you will forget about food (honest) and it wont bother you to be around food, you develop a kind of detatchment.

ultimately - you have to stick with it as much as possible, and keep in ketosis, this isn't a diet you can do by halfs.

thats good advice although dont think i could be trusted lol x x


a new way of living!
if you can manage to stay on it 100% then that is better by far, but if you 'have' to come off it, try and stick to protein.

good luck! :)
Hi. thanks again for the support. The weekend went so so, I managed to stick to it until i got to the festival itself.. i only had grilled meat tho as tried to stick to protein and away from the carbs. had another glitch yesterday felt really miserable and thort why am i putting myself through this. ended up having some small crunchy snacks. Back on it today done well today and lost 3lb today at weigh in!! got another weeks supply this week and no temptation this week so i'm hopeful. I'm only 9lb off my target so hopefully i can start re-feeding in a couple of weeks if i can get this 11lb off : )))
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week 3 -struggling and miserable

Just thort i'd post a blog today as i'm feeling really down. All myfriends are out on the beer and i'm home alone, drained, tired and fed up!! i'm nearing the end of my third week and got my weigh in in 2 days : ) only thing i've got to look forward to as i've done well this week, altho had a cracker nibble this week but nothing too heavy! but a cheat none the less. will let you know what my weight loss is on Monday. currently got 12lb off.
start weight 11.1
first weigh in 10.6
second weigh in 10 3
- goal 9.6.
tashbuckle im sorry to here your feeling so bad and you probably dont want to hear this but your probably feeling so bad because you had that nibble, because even a crumb will upset your ketosis. but try and stick to eat x x x
thanks for the words of support. think its just because it dominates your life totally and there is a lot you cant do really - i'm a party girl so feeling the brunt of the restriction to nights out - i cant go out and not drink or eat unfortunately, not wen all my friends get blathered lol.. tried it and didnt like it!! wud rather stay in and get it over with.
lol i no how you feel i dont go out very often because when i do i really go out and take the p**s i drink so much and eat loads so i just stay in now although i have been out while on this to a food place and just didnt eat and it was so hard but i felt really strong afterwards. and i also cancle everything to not be tempted. i have just turned down the invite to my sister in laws surprise 21st because i know i would not be able to trust myself not to drink. its crap and nobody likes it but i am not going to put myself through the stress of messing with my ketosis. i really dont think i could hack the pain of starting again.
so chin up chick and just think of how you want to be when you are over this diet and it will get you through. try and arrange girly evenings/nights that dont involve drink or food, it will still give you the pleasure of your friends company without breaking your diet. x x x x
yr my kind of girl - feel exactly the same. its more pressure to drink and eat then actually wanting to i find! anyway i'm cancelling events or just not turning up so its ok at the mo, plus got a couple of friends on lipotrim and one on slim fast so we spending a lot of time together walking and stuff. just had my weigh in this morning andlost another 3lb, so inspired to carry on with week 4. 8lb to go : ))))) should be on re-feed in a few weeks hopefully. x
struggling today -on my fourth week : ). doc says a couple a weeks more and i;m into re-feed : ))))) 15lb loss in 3 weeks not half bad eh!
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hey tashbuckle
im sorry you are struggling but hold on top your good weight loss and keep going. we all have are weekness but you have done so well x x x
DAY 24 into lipotrim

well end of day 24 and had a good day, a long walk and feeling motivated!! wish i cud bottle this for another couple of weeks, prob feel crap again tomorrow lol! hope all u lipotrim users are doing well, keep up the good work guys.

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