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Lisa's Lighterlife Struggle! (Hopefully with a happy ending!)

Hello everyone,

I thought I would follow inspirational AJ's advice, and start my own thread on here about my lighterlife journey. I don't mind if it is not read much, but as AJ has shown, often there are planty other people with the same struggles as you, and we can help each other along.

I started LL in January having lost 7lbs on my own - my start weight on 2nd January was 16,7 :(

I did amazingly well for the first 50 days, and then I lost my way. I have repeatedly tried to get back on track, and have been losing here and there.

The lowest weight I have got to was 13.6 a couple of weeks ago, but having had a couple of eating weekends I have gained a few pounds since then.:mad:

My first development weigh in is tonight. I am going to look apon it as a new start - with new shakes and flavours to try! I am going to set myself a 60 day time frame to lose my remaining two stone, which should be realistic.

I will try to post daily to keep my inspiration going, especially in the next few days as the battle for ketosis begins.

Please feel free to post any thoughts and advice for me on getting through the first week - I sailed through it first time round starting foundation, but know it will be harder starting again!

Good luck everyone! (and me!)

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Good luck Lisa!
Look forward to reading your updates.
Only a few weeks left tilmy wedding & Im getting very nervous now....
How much do you want to lose?
Hi Lisa- I just wanted to say congratulations on all you have achieved so far and wishing you the very best of luck for development. Our journies have been similar- I started in early Feb at 17 3 and am now almost half way to my weight loss goal- and I start development 1 week today. I will follow your thread avidly, as you will be treading where I am going! I think its great that you have set yourself a time limit for development- I was thinking of doing 6 week chunks. At my current rate of losses I will need 3 of those to get to target!

You must look back though and feel amazed- yes you have had some bumps but did you ever imagine you would be able to cut so much food out of your life? A piece of wisdom was once imparted to me that is very useful for those of us who face some time in development:
When you are climbing the mountain, and you feel out of breath, don't look up to where you still have to go-look back and see all you have achieved. This will give you the energy to keep going.

Good luck!!


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Well done on your weight loss so far... amazing! Great idea starting the post, and really helpful for people like me who are only a few weeks in. I'm sure you will manage to get to your target, you have already done so well.

Good luck!
Thank you all for such lovely responses!

Pixie - congrats on your wedding too. I am nervous and excited about mine in equal measure - but it is not as close as yours! I want to get to 12.7 at least before i go into management - 12.7 is 16lbs away at the mo. Ideally by the wedding i would like to be 11.7, but I'm happy to lose the last stone the hard way if I feel that they time is right to leave SSing. Having said that, If i get back on track and get on a roll it may be worth me keeping going to get to 11.7 on SS - I will see how i feel as i go along.

I read your earlier post about you having doucts about the wedding - have you spoken to your fiancee?

Kathy - you are so right that we have to look at what we have achiveved - amd I'm pleased to say that I'm getting much better at this. The flip side to it is though, that you feel that you have already done so much that you deserve a break - which is the rut I have become stuck in recently! I have to appreciate what I have done for myself, but now acknowledge that there is a bit more work to be done! :character00116:

Very nervous about tonight - but here we go! My LLC is fabulous so she will be supportive either way which rocks.

Have just done a legs bums and tums class in my lunch hour and my legs are not going to be working tomorrow!

I will keep posting - please keep reading!

How did that conversation go Pixie? Honesty really is the best policy with these things!

Right - so......

My weigh in last night was a gain of 4lbs, which makes my starting weight for development 13.13 (phew - at least i havent gone up a stone barrier!)

Unfortunately I cant fit in a pop in this week, so will just have to do my best to keep focussed and work at it - I'm hoping for a 'first week' level loss next monday as I'm sure I am carrying plenty water and glycogen! Having said that, TOTM will be on force next monday, but I will do my best!

So here goes, back on track and about to try my first banana shake! Wish me luck!

Great news so far - i am LOVING the banana shake so much!

Feel very positive about my new start!

:cry: HELP!

I feel desperately hungry and cold and tired.

I was so motivated this morning - I need to get through today! I'm nearing 24 hours since my last non-LL food and I'm craving anything.

I'm even considering bingeing and purging - which I know is totally unhelpful behaviour!



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oh no! you sounded so positive earlier in the thread and now it's all going wrong! :sigh:
Are you at home or at work? I'd go to bed if i was at home or go and have a bath:nightf: .If you're at work then try and keep busy but whatever you do don't go on a binge or else you'll never get back into it. Stay strong and be strict with yourself, think about where you want to be and what you have managed to do so far.... do you really want to go back to where you were?
You can do it so don't let yourself down or disappoint yourself.:blahblah: :hug99: sorry for waffling on!
Hello everyone,

Harri - thanks so much for your post! Made all the difference to me. I did have a very minor blip last night,:( but still on track this morning so I am still doing much better than I have done in a while - each day at a time eh?!

I found myself at my weakest point last night on leaving work (I commute) which is a dangerous situation for me, and my danger time. I have to pass and wait by lots of food outlets, all screaming at me to eat!:eek:

I was planning to binge and purge, which is totally destructive, but it is still one of my reactions to the deprivation I felt. Must work on that. It is amazing the strength of the mind - no matter how much will power you have, you still have the ability to talk yourself out of things.

I think I have to change my routine slightly so that I have a pack just before I leave work, even if that involves not having anything in th evening. It is late afternoon I really struggle.

God I really want this - but I had forgotten how hard it is mentally at first!:break_diet:

Keep going! Thanks for all your posts so far!


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