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Lisas LT Journey


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Well thought id make a diary so i can note down all the thoughts and feelings i have whilst on the diet. That way when it comes to refeed and beyond i can look back and see how i felt at the time.

So a little about me....
Im a 25 year old mum of one and happily engaged to my OH. (its cheaper than getting married!) I guess i've always had some kind of weight issues. When i was younger i suppose you could say i was plump, older relatives called it puppy fat. At the age of 10 i developed problems with my bowels which stopped me eating, which in turn led to me losing 3 stone. I was near enough 'normal' size but got a bit bigger once puberty hit. I moved up to scotland to be with my OH and the weight just piled on. 3 years on i managed to lose a good bit of it with WW. Kept it off till i fell pregnant in 2007. The weight came back with that and then added a few more stone for good measure. My DD is nearly 4 now and i finally want this weight off without all the binging and yoyoing. Currently on day 5 and have 1st WI on Wed.

I initially plan to do TFR for 11 weeks then 2 weeks refeed. (I have hols to see family in august ive not seen since xmas) After this will assess how i feel and if i want to come back to LT.

So thats my story (or waffle depending on who's opinion you take!)
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Thanks Gina :)

Well only 1 more day to go until i get weighed. Really excited. Hoping ill break into the next stone barrier. If not though itll deffo be next week.

Anyways onto today.... feel fine actually, no rumbles, only slight nausea and the aching neck is back. Actually reminds me a wee bit of growing pains. Also my tummy mustve been rumbling whilst i was asleep as my OH sent me a text from his work saying he thought my tummy was trying to communicate with him! Joys of the diet eh! Havnt really had constipation yet either, going ok. Must be all the water, minimum 3 litres a day.

Will update later if need be if not then have a good day all :D xx


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Never updated yesterday as i fell asleep early and missed my shake. Naughty! Woke up this morning feeling god awful, will never miss one again! Weigh in tonight.... excited :D. Hoping to break into the next stone bracket, would be nice.

Oh well suppose i'd better get on with housework and wash my work gear for the weekend. Does a womans work ever end?

Have a good day all xxx


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Thats me finally been weighed yesterday. 10lbs gone, really chuffed with that and it took me into the 20 stone range too. Also apparantly my keto levels are exactly were they should be. Not been in the 20 bracket in over a year and was one of my goals. Next will be the teens!

Feeling a wee bit blue in comparison to last week, i guess its cos the excitement of 1st weigh in has gone now and you realise its all the same after that. Doesnt make me want to stop but kind of makes me realise why people feel this way at this point.

today so far have had a vanilla shake with coffee and about a litre of water. Hope everybody has a good day xxx
Lovely posts Lisa:)Interesting reading, big congratulations on your first weeks loss,fab:0clapper:
Well done Lisa! You're doing great and helping to keep me motivated too - thanks!


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Finally an update from moi! Have been working all weekend and have been too tired to post. Had my chicken and salad at work and thankfully had no more fainting spells! Still in keto this morning so i didnt go over the amounts which is good. Havnt had a sneaky peek at the scales since last weigh in, tempted to see if i can last without it! Anyways i hope everybody else is having a good day :)

Rebeccah and Tanya thank you for the lovely comments :)
Lisa, well done, that's brilliant weight loss!!. Really well done!


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*slaps wrists* Im a very naughty girl! Gave in to cravings and ruined my journey for a few days. Am back on track now but it really did knock me for six. The best advice i could give now i think is dont give in to cravings at all. Once you do it makes you feel weak and the next set of cravings harder to ignore. I actually stood in front of a mirror yesterday and told myself how daft id been to give in. It clicked oddly enough! Anyways enough of the bad...

Back on track today with a vanilla latte for brekkie and another for lunch/tea in a wee while. Plan to have a mock mocha for supper.

Hope everybody else has a good day xx
Lisa, you ok? Get back on the wagon if you fell off again! You know you'll be glad if you do! xx

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