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Lisa's weight loss diary

started slimming world on 19th July .
Enough is enough im fed up of being big . all my family are slim my husband and 5 boys and im fed up of feeling im embarrasing them and being the odd one out .
Ive never been skinny but was a slim child and young adult until I had my 1st son (now 16) where my weight ballooned with him i had pre eclamsia and gained 5 stone in his pregnancy . After I was very low about the way I looked and didnt really do anything about it .
I had hormone problems and tried for my second son for 4 years having to have fertility treatment . whilst pregnant with him I started to suffer with pains in my stomach and this went on for 2 years . turned out I had gallstones and had to have my gallbladder removed any way did me a big favour I lost 5 stone and was back to a resonable size and a lot happier . I had another 2 children now aged 8 and 6 and gained a bit of weight but not loads like I did with my first . Then I became pregnant with my special little boy whos now in heaven . He was born at 20wks into the pregnancy he had died inside me :cry: it was the worst time in my life . I sank into depression and its been like that for almost the last 4 years . I did go on to have another little boy now aged 3 and he has helped alot . My weigh has been yoyo ing . but im now 5 stone heavier than after having my gallbladder removed and ive had enough
Well 1st weigh in was Tuesday 8lb lost and i was over the moon . my consultant was so pleased for my and I got my 1st half stone award .
Anyway im sticking to it . Im enjoying eating healthier not missing the rubbish I was eating
cant wait to notice the difference although im sure already I have a lot more energy :)
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Hippety Hop!
Hi Mrs Big B, Welcome to the forum.

Soo sorry to read about your mishap with your little son but am glad you are being able to move on now. I know that you never forget anything like that so I do hope my words don't sound as if I am trivialising it.

Looks like you have a lovely little family now, mine are all grown (55, 56 and 58) and I still worry about them, isn't that what we mums do?

Had the yoyo bit myself as do lots of the minimins you'll find, so you are in good company! .... :D

Well done on your first weigh in AND for getting your diary up and running .. we know where you are now, so watch out...:wavey:

Take care and all the very best to you....:)
Thanks Hun and yes I've moved on a bit never forget him special dates are very hard still but I've got to get healthy and think of my other children :)
Well day 10 and things going really well still. I'm proud to say I've stuck to plan everyday . My husband and eldest son had Chinese last night I cooked a healthy meal for myself and the other boys and it really didnt bother me.
Been feeling a bit daunted got such a long way to go and I really hope I can keep it up . I've got to I'm so fed up of hating myself . Maybe if I look better then I will learn to like myself again
Thanks Hun xx
Day 14 and 2nd weigh in amazed that I've lost another 7.5lb :) Totaling 15.5 in 2 weeks . So I picked up my stone award and also slimmer of the week . Happy is an understatement . Still got a long way to go but what a fantastic start :D
I expect thing will slow down now a bit but I'll get there I'm so determined . For once in my life I've found something I can do and be good at other than a mother & wife
feeling a bit fed up today :( sticking to plan 100% though im so determined) . Just the light at the end of the tunnel seems miles away at the moment . I expect everyone gets days like these though . Am really not expecting much at weigh in this week after 2 brilliant weeks its got to slow down at some point . Think id be happy with a 2lb loss :wave_cry:
Day 28 and a 3.5lb loss I'm over the moon got my stone & half award and now lost 23.5 lb . So hoping to get my club 10 next week 2 stone award would be amazing too but aiming for 2 weeks for that :)
Really got to gain more self control & stop this constant weighing it's driving me nuts . I got to relax I'm eating well & sticking to plan keeping active so can do anymore . So why do I weigh myself and get frustrated when I see a loss of a lb on my home scales when I'm hoping for a little more . Got to tell myself any loss is good it's in the right direction and the sw scales are never the same . Might suprise myself . I suppose I'm just thinking it's all too good to be true it will end one day and I suppose it's hard to believe I'll ever be happy with myself . The 23.5 lb ive lost has already made such a difference just wish I could relax more & accept what will be will be

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