Little bit fed up


has lying hips
So it is my one month LL anniversary. I had my first meeting this day a month ago and tomorrow will be a month since I started SS-ing.

So far I have lost almost 2 stone so I guess I should be really pleased.

But... no one has noticed any difference in me - and no wonder - I just took my measurements and I've only lost a total of 4inches off my body - which doesn't seem v. much really.

My clothes are slightly loser - but not LOADS yet.

And it's occuring to me that I could very well still be doing this in March!! :eek:

Anyway, I guess I just have to get on with it - but I'm really impatient. I want to be slim NOW! :(
4 inches eh? Right, so what measurements are you using?

Everywhere? tops of thighs, below tummy button, above tummy button, wrists, neck, big toe, everywhere?

Or just 4 inches off waist, bust and hips?

I reckon I lost the first couple of stone off my right wrist :D

BTW, the comments started coming when I lost 3 stone, so hang in there. You're doing just fine ;)
Hey hey!!

Ok you have lost 2 stone though!! Which is absolutely fabulous and you are 2 stone nearer being slim.

Some people shrink at the start and then lose weight and some the other way but when you reach goal weight you will be slim so it is a matter of time before your clothes suddenly fall off.

I went from a 38 inch to a 34 inch waist in a week but was in a 40 inch waist for about 6 weeks before that.

So take pride in what you have lost so far and blink and you will be where you want to be.

You are doing brill.....

So take pride in what you have lost so far and blink and you will be where you want to be.

You are doing brill.....


Thanks Mike... I guess whilst I have been saying out loud... I'm in this for the long run - I'm just realising that it really is going to be a long run!! But on the other hand I know it will be summer '07 before I know it and who knows... I may be able to wear a bikini for the first time in my life!
It is disappointing when people do not notice, i replyed to a thread only last week saying i have lost 45lb and apart from my family nobody has noticed, but this week the complements are coming thick and fast, so like Karion said hang in there.x
Hi Gaijingirl

You are wise to discuss this because I know it is during moments of slight disappointment that I am most likely to go off the rails.

It is so hard, you logically tell yourself your being silly but that disappointment is really hard to shift.

Like you say 2 stone is fab and you will only get to goal if you stick with it and YOU WILL GET TO GOAL and time isn't an issue. 2 stone in a month already and the time really does fly by. Try not to think of it as such a long challenge/race. It is more than about getting to he finish line it is all about the taking part and learning from the experience too. Think of what you have learnt about youself already.

It seems funny to that you are thrilled with the weightloss on the scales but have found a way to be negative my looking at measurements which frankly I find really difficult to get accurate it seems different each time. I rarely measure as it isn't accurate to me.

Please do all you can to get rid of the disappointent as it really is Cancerous!

Dizzy x
I can remember a day earler in the year. I had lost 3 stone, and was convinced that my size 28 clothes (the non-stretchy ones) would be too big - so I had a trying on session. They weren't too big, they fitted OK. I had been wearing stretchy clothes for so long, I didn't really KNOW what size I started out at. Anyway, I was totally devastated, and collapsed, sobbing and tearful into the heap of clothes on the bed in our spare room. I think it came home to me that day just how big I was, and how long a journey it was going to be. For a while, I felt totally overwhelmed and hopeless - even though I knew I was doing well and had lost three stone.
Then, I looked up, and saw my chart on the wall. It is HUGE. 1 square = 1 day across and 1 square = 1lb. down. I couod see how the line was going down, and visualise it going down at a steady rate, until I reached my goal. I actually pencilled a line in, showing how much I would weigh, at any given date, if I lost an average of 4lbs per week.
This seemed to take me out of the miserable state I had got myself in. I dried my eyes, and started anew.
I reached goal this week, but I will never forget that day.
Stay strong, you CAN do it, it IS worth it.
Ann xxx
Ann...thanks!! I have been wearing stretchy clothes for ages now - so I think that has got a lot to do with it! I also tried on my size 22 clothes (non stretchy ones ) thinking they'd be too big and they weren't! So I had that same feeling. Although, I have managed to squeeze into a pair of size 20 trousers that I haven't worn in over a year...

Maybe I should make a chart like that too.... sounds like a good idea!
Come on dont feel down. I think you are doing fantastically!! I know what you mean about people noticing. I haven't told anyone about this diet and I saw one of my sisters today. I was wearing a skirt which used to feel really really tight and rise up to my chest. Well I walked into her lounge this morning and she said "Your skirt needs adjusting because the front is near the back"!! Well the skirt is starting to twirl around my body as it is getting loose!! That was all she said!!LOL I was then expecting her to say "god have you lost some weight?" But no it didn't come!!
I am so tempted to tell her but I am not going to until I here from her that I look slimmer.
Just think it could be another half a stone and then the comments will come flooding in!! You know that you are slimmer just hold on to that thought. You will very very soon be able to fit in the clothes that you want to wear. Keep going. You are an inspiration.
The chart is a powerful reminder of your progress so far, and a hopefull glimpse of the future. It helped me a lot. It's takes some patience to make at first (many sheets of graph paper to sellotape together) and you do need a room you don't use much to put it up in. I use to just go in the room and look at it sometimes.
Also, it is nice to have a permanent reminder of my journey. I wrote things I did along the way - like holidays and when I started the gym. I'll try and photograph it and put it on here when I get back from Amsterdam.
Ann x
Hi there

Try not to be disheartened (easier said than done I know) as you have done so brilliantly so far. When I was doing LL I only told family and a couple of close friends and it took other people about 3 stones to notice but then everyone started to notice all at onece and suddenly started saying things like "Blimey you've lost weight - actually you've lost a LOT of weight haven't you? You look great - what's the secret?" which was really nice. I was pleased when the comments finally did arrive as I knew that people could really see a big difference and weren't just being kind because they knew I was on a diet (again!).

Like many others I was always wearing stretchy clothes so it took a while for me to appreciate the change in my clothes/ measurements but be reassured that the transition through the sizes speeds up! I only spent a couple of weeks in size 14s before I had to (unbelieveably) buy some size 12s and then not long after that had to move to the holy grail of size 10 jeans, wishing that I could sew the size labels onto the outside!

I know how you are feeling but don't let it distract you from how brilliantly you have done so far - onwards and downwards to skinny-minny-ness!:D :D
Don't be disheartened! 2 Stone is a fantastic start...well done!

Please remember that the first fat we lose is the internal fat that is all round our vital organs and putting our health at serious risk! If there's not much difference on your measurements so far, this will be the reason why!

Please focus on how much healthier you are already! You've lost 2 stone already, so can easily lose the rest........keep thinking about that bikini!

Keep thinking positive thoughts! x
You are doing well, yes some of us have a long journey but at least we know that there is no way faster than a VLCD so rest assured that you are doing everything you can !

People started noticing my first 2 stone had gone when I treated myself to a few new clothes that were a bit more fitted. Nobody noticed while wearing stuff that had got too big and lose. So maybe it's that ?

It's nice to have strokes from other people but more important that you give them to yourself. At the end of the day its what we think, not what others do.

Also hoping for 1st bikini in summer 2007 !
Thanks all for the pep talk. I feel better now.. just a momentary blip!

I especially didn't know this......

Please remember that the first fat we lose is the internal fat that is all round our vital organs and putting our health at serious risk! If there's not much difference on your measurements so far, this will be the reason why!

That's really good to know - I really want to be a healthy person - or at least not someone who is sabotaging my own health - so this is good to know!

I just need to keep plodding on!!
I have not reach any of my dead lines for losing this weight as my body has its own agenda...I did not get fat over night, it went on slowly over the years.

I find I am in a strange place as I am no longer obese, but overweight and I look so much better with myself I am finding it hard to motivate myself down into being normal....

I really can't remember what it feels like to be normal:rolleyes:

I do know that my health has improved so much and so many others things in my life are much better for it and I am sure I have added on a few extra years by shifting six stone.

I have found this weight loss experience a very emotional roller coaster journey and while I know we should not compare ourselves to others and their weight loss, we do.

Stick with it and you will be pleased as I am and try not to focus on the overall weight you have to lose but break it down into mini goals that are more achievable.

You are doing very well.:)

Love Mini xxx
I have only been on for 9 days and nothing feels looser so I know what you mean. If I'm honest though I have been in denial telling me my clothes fit because I refused to go up a size. The reality is most of them were cutting off my circulation or stopping me breath. I knowI have to accept that I need to fit in them first before they'll become looser but just think Christmas is only 8 weeks, by then we'll be knocking people out with our stunning good looks and fab figures ( well at least we'll be well on the way!)