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little bit of help!!

Hey i know this is a bold question.... i have weigh in on tuesdays and it seems to be a bad day because i do fine during the week... but come the weekend its so much harder!?:wave_cry::sigh: (take aways, drinks, goodies) so then i have the sunday + monday til weigh in.... does anyone know if there are quick cheats to try get back on track.... or is it just plain and simple suck it up just try be better at the weekends!? i know your meant to eat all your points or at least most of them.... so cutting down on food isnt the way to go?!!!.... any tips are well appreciated! going onto week 5 and i think im just being bold and need a kick in the behind to start getting into the swig of things! (and now waffling sorry :p) xxxx
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YOu should try saving a few points each day to use at the weekends occasionally. Or just go easy at the weekend!


Fridge Dodging
Hi i suffer on sundays more than any other day. Tuesday is my weigh in day. I try and eat as little as possible and do as much execise as i can on mondays and tuesdays (wi is in the evening) Only been dieting 2 weeks so not sure if this is working yet. Going to see what my next WI is like and change my sunday lunches next week. I think what cookie said is a good idea and I usually save my points for the evenings which is when i usually raid the fridge. x best of luck.
thanks! yeah i think i need to just get on track with everything.... just having bad week and forgot to track!!! so feel like ive done terrible so far seeing as i didnt write down what i had each day!!! :( next week will be better!! :D xxx


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i hardly ever write down what i have had each day, i keep a mental note of it. Although i dont really snack so i guess i dont have much to remember! lol
yeah i tried remembering...and for some reason thought i wrote it down the other day.... looked at my tracker today and havent filled it in all week... opps! :p ah well... this week is nearly over... will be good again from 2moro!!! try get some good done b4 weigh in!! xx
well since ur in college and already have to repeat some exams in summer/
and jus got a new car and dont have a licence yet
... id say there are plenty of things u cud be doin besides goin on mad benders on fri and sat night and then eatin ur weight on take away and junk food cause ya have the munchies
come and go for runs with me in the mornings smart ass :p
and we can do drivin at the weekend :p
lol shes my mate incase any1 thought i was jus bein a meanie :)
and wooooo dh on tuesday yay
go do ur wii fit and get off the blasted computer :D x x x
I remember years ago going to Slimming World on a Monday, such a bad idea, my Weight Watchers is on a Thursday, it means if I'm naught over the weekend I just make up for it during the week.


Fridge Dodging
I personally think they should ban weekends, just have a 5 day week and then once a month, shut the schools and workplaces and open u the pubs clubs and takeaway's and we can then go nuts!
haha love you 2 bex!!! and u shut up.... i did play my wii 2day BLAH!!! and i will never give up on my mad benders!!! your just jealous! :p

ands ur 1 2 talk looking 4 exercises 2 do on the couch! lazy bum!!! :D
(oh a hit below the belt.... at least im still losing weight rather than gaining!!!) hahahahahaaha na i love you truly and we're gonna start going for walks!! cant pun because of my blasted ankle... so we shall build up to that!! love xxxxxxxxx
ok thats a lie i didnt go on the wii today! :(... but i did clean my dad's car yesterday!!!..... and cleaned the kitchen today! :D same as hula hooping on the wii!!! xx
lol,,,,becky ur a meanie lol...yay dh tomorrow i actually cant wait yay! also got my fonio back yay...
c u girlies tomorrow! x

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