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Little bit worried


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Morning all my yummy mummies!!

Before i had my scan i was worried sick as i was getting pains on my right hand side, i was convinces my baby was going to be ectopic (couldnt help worrying).

When i went for my scan baby was in the right place and all was fine except the midwife was concerned that I have a cyst on my ovary that is 5.3cm's (bigger than baby was!)

Turns out that is what i can feel, and what hurts if i move too quickly,

Havnt been able to sleep last night cos feel too uncomfortable, and today im all achey, and worried the cyst is getting bigger :(

Do you think i need to get in touch with MW and see what she says? or am I being silly as i know there is nothing they can do anyway until baby is here...

Sorry 1st time mummy syndrome!! xxx
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If you're worried make an appointment to see your GP, bean is probably fine and it's the cyst making you uncomfortable, but there would be no harm getting checked out.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care.


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Thanks hun, I think I will do, just dont want to turn into one of these people who is at GP every week!!

MW did say Bean would be fine, and wouldnt even know it is there, but its the whole not sleeping and ouchy pains that are worrying me!

Will let you know once i have spoken to GP



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oooh your baby is so nearly coming!!!! I just looked at your signature!! you must be so excited!! xx


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Hi Lauren, I agree, speak to someone if you're worried! I have a cyst too that they discovered on a scan, not that big though and not hurting. They found a fibroid though which had me worried for quite a while!


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It's rubbish isn't it Shell, every little thing has me panicking at the moment, really trying my best not to become neurotic, but slowly turning crazy i think!


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ditto the others ((hugs)) though a lot of people live with cysts it may be something they can keep and eye on now and then remove later if need be.

Glad the scan went well though! you need one of the tickers like us so we know how many weeks you are now! ;)


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I just tried and i cant work out how to make one :( xx

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If you want one like mine - then click on it and you'll see my dates.. but to the right there is a section asking if you want one of your own.. put in your due date and then it'll give you codes and the option to amend colour etc.

Once you have the codes you need to copy and paste the code into your signature - can't remember what code type it is - think it gives you 3 options - so just use one then review your signature to see if it works. :)
if not then try the other codes one at a time.


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Done it!! thankyou my lovelies!! xx


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Morning beautiful mummies!

I have got a scan today to see what is going on with my Cyst, funny though, I havnt felt it for over a week now, so maye its dissapeared haha either that or im getting used to it...

Either way will be interesting to see whats going on, but im not worried any more,

Cant wait to see our gorgeous baby again though!



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Yep course, the first ones looked like a turtle so didnt put them up haha

but will put new ones on tomorrow!!

thanks Shell xxxx

And thanks Lise!! xxx

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Hope your scan goes well :) I'm off for my 20 week scan too. :)

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