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little-me - my journey to slim

I like this diet, I found it really easy for the first 3 days, until today, day 4, wham I woke up really hungry. My stomach was literally roaring at me! and i haven't been able to shake the hunger all day. I have to do this, I have to get my eating habits under control before it's too late... I thought it might help me if i started to keep a record of my thoughts, feelings and progress at particular times.
I thought for a long time before I started this diet. I love food, I love cooking and baking. I quit cigarettes 15 months ago and i have put on 2 lb for every one of those months. I wasn't particulary slim to begin with and when you are short, 167lb is a size 16-18. Although I am thrilled with quiting cigarettes, my weight was really getting me down. I was feeling depressed, unworthy and ugly. I tried dieting in the last few months, and lost half a stone 3 times only to regain again. At one point i was putting on 2lb a week! So here i am. I hope my journey is a success like so many of you here.:D
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Hi little me, looking forward to seeing how you get on. Your over the first hurdle now, and what some people would call the hardest bit. Keep at it. xx
Awh thanks so much for the encouragement missy3. I can't wait to get to WI1
Well I made it through day 4, i just kept drinking the water and went for a short walk / jog. It's day 5 and i've just made a mocca with the chocolate and a shot of coffee and one hermesetas. It was quite nice :D I'm really worried that the sweetners will knock me out of ketosis, but i just can't take some of the strawberry shakes without it. Can anyone advise on this. I'm so panicy about it... :confused:
Tablet low calorie sweetners are fine, just not the spoonable ones as they can knock you out of ketosis. I'm limited now to just the chocolate as I really can't bare any of the other ones, but i'm getting by. Good luck with day 5 xx
Day 5

thanks for that missy3- you've eased my mind bigtime.

so it's day five. I was freezing all day. :gen125: Had to have cardigans and heat. feeling a bit dizzy and crampy. This is also the first day i felt really tempted to eat :eek:
Also it's really strange as I'm finding it difficult to finish the shakes, I get full half way through and i have to force the rest. and then i feel hungry for an hour after i eat?
I thought i must be entering ketosis so I got some sticks on way home from work. I'm registering low-medium, I guess tomorrow will bring more?
It's so much slower than I thought it would be. Now i'm worried i won't have lost much !!
I told my husband to hide the scales as a motivation tool and I have to say it's working. Although i've begged him to let me weigh myself he won't give in.
Just two days more until 1st wi. i have my list of shakes and the numbers of each kind I want for next week ready for the chemist. :D(sad I Know).
Hi Littleme
Youre doing so well, keep at it! I found the shakes pretty awful so use tablet sweetner in them, tastes much better! Good luck with your first weigh in, i'm sure you will be pleased with the result. :)
Emma x
thanks tinkerbell,x
day 8

so i've made it to day 8. I now have to remind myself to eat because there is no hunger! weirdest feeling for me as I love eating. I was delighted with my first weigh in yesterday with a loss of 7lb.
I've joined bootcamp and feel like i have loads of energy but need a lot of sleep too.
One of the thigs I promised myself i would do when I started this diet was to identify my triggers for food. So far there is;
the 3pm slump,
the drive home in the car after work.
then again when I walk in the door (my favourite was to head straight for the bread, toast 2 slices and pile high with cheese)
10 pm or so - this is when we usually had dinner :( i know, so bad bad... actually as i write this hubby is just eating his now- and it's 25 past 10.
what i have found is that none of these times are good times to eat and these are some of the habits i need to break.
anyhow i had my first flapjack this evening, I'm going to refrain from comenting except i didn't like it much. But I ate it and i'm still 100%:D:D
nite nite girls, hope you are all doing well xxx


Fighting for My Health
You're doing so well. Well done on the half stone gone :D

well done on your weight loss!!! you are doing very well keep up the hard work xx
Day 10

Boot camp this morning. so tired plus totm so really didn't perform very well.
Just realised I am in UK for a training course at work next week.:eek: A red eye flight and not back for 2 days. Panic has set in a bit. Went to chemist and exchanged some shakes for 3 flapjacks :( I can't really produce the shaker at a team lunch. :mad: I'll also have to excuse my self for dinner and breakfast and disappear at Lunch the following day to nibble my F/J. The course isn't even near the hotel so i can't nip off to my kettle and blender.:cry: Really afraid they will think i'm a weirdo. Anyone have any ideas... please help me.:sigh:


Fighting for My Health
What a toughie :( How about breakfast - you say you're never hungry in the morning and not a breakfast person, so won't be around for it. Lunch - is it a buffet? If yes, when the food is first out, nip to the loo and take aaages, and then come back, pop a couple of small bits on a plate (torture I know), and make some crumbs from bread or something to make it look like you've already eaten some and then just carry that around with you with a glass of water. Bit stuck on the evening meal :-/

Failing that, maybe you could develop some sort of bad tummy that's not so bad you have to be off ill or anything, but it's meaning you really can't face food at the moment.

Good luck! xx
Thanks for that Jayne. So nervous, it's taking over my thoughts. I think I'll try the loo thing. And the false crumb idea. lol this should be good. Xxx


Fighting for My Health
Let us know how you get on. Good luck! xx
well, i got through my 2 day training at work. Lunch was tricky, it was a help yourself buffet, with seating. I put some bread and cheese on my plate and mimicked my nieces's skills at chopping it up and making it look small. One lady called to me "are you not eating". I was mortified and just said I have had enough to eat.
Dinner was easy I just said i was tired from my red eye flight and skipped off to-bed. No-one took any notice at breakfast either as I went down early and positioned myself with coffee. So i got away with it. But it was stressful, there was so much food available all day, muffins, pastries, breakfast bars, cupcakes, all sorts of drinks and cakes for afternoon. Everyone was tucking in. but not me. before this would have stuffed my face and put some in my bag for a mid-night feast.
I had my 2nd weight in on thursday and i've now lost a total of 10lb. I was a bit disappointed with my 3lb weight loss, but my friends here cheered me up and then my hubby told me i was looking really well. I went to the supermarket and picked up 10lb of butter, wow it's a lot. So i'm happy. only 4lb more and i'll have lost a stone. Keeping up my bootcamp training and i can feel my lungs getting stronger. It's all good xxx;)
i bought a new dress

Had such a bad time friday and saturday. The carb cravings were almost unbearable. But I recognised the tricks your mind play's on you from when I quit the cigarettes last year. so i ignored thema nd up'd my water intake. I nipped into new look to-day and found a size 14 dress (A- line) that fits me. granted it is a big size14, but i don't care, i'm out of the 16's. :D:D I'm sooo happy.
Well done.. Lovely boost for you x x x
weigh in on Wednesday eve. so hoping for 4lb loss this week, fingers crossed x
week 4 and i'm really hungry. Just had my shake 1/2 an hour ago and the pangs are strating. don't understand, as really i thought it would get easier. Maybe I haven't had enough water? Also I missed my training this evening as it's raining so hard here i couldn't bear the thoughts of getting soaked to the bone. Guess i'm feeling sorry for myself. I have a house full of guest arriving in a few minutes and dinner is all ready for them. lol. it is a funny situation not being able to taste as you cook...

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