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Little moments that keep you going


Eyes on the Prize!!
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I went to the hairdressers yesterday and normally this is my worst nightmare as I am forced to sit in front of a mirror and look at myself.

Didnt mind this time which was such a wonderful feeling.

Not only that but when it came to go the lady went to get my coat. I said it was a grey one. She hovered over mine and then said "sorry which one is it". I said "that one is mine". and she said "oh sorry I thought that was our Juniors coat". I turn around to see the junior is a slim girl!!! I was so chuffed!!

Little moments like that really can keep you going.

Anyone else had any moments that really cheered them up?:character00238:
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Don't Worry Be Happy
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when i try old clothes on that are not even skin tight anymore:):):)
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In our kitchen if I am at the cooker the drawer for our cutlery opens behind me, my hubby usually sais excuse bum when he is about to open the drawer and I brace myself for the squeezing sensation, this morning he said it and I was waiting and waiting and I said go on then open it, and he had already opened and closed and it didn't even touch:}


Having a mid-life crisis
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I put the wrong combats on this morning in my bleary eyed state (they do look the same though!). They were tight on me at Christmas, in fact they were the only pair of trousers that fitted me..

..and they were like clown trousers..there's no way I could have worn them, even my hips wouldn't hold them up :D

So that's helped 'bring it home' a bit today..cos even looking in the mirror I just can't 'see it' myself iyswim. plus I'm having a crap day at work :cry:


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Me and the other half went to a nearby town today.. it was a lovely day and the have a H and M... anyway, looked in the sale section and bought myself a beautiful gold and black dress, strapless, reduced from 99 euros to 20 euros.. Its a size 14... i am nowhere near a 14 (16 on top 18 on the bottom).. but what cheered me up is that I know by may I will fit into it, that I didnt have that hopeless feeling when clothes shopping.. looking in the sale size 18 section and hating everything... Instead I bought a beautiful dress that I CAN see myself wearing in the very near future, and I will post pics of it when i can get it over my hips lol.. that cheered me up today, the fact I know i am in control and going in the right direction... :)
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When we were younger my sis was never one to compliment anyone but herself iykwim lol..... Last night I dropped up to my mams and I was wearing leggings and a t-shirt, my sis opened the door and immediately sad she could notice a difference in my hips and stomach (cos I was in tight clothes) later that evening I said Ill be robbing ur clothes soon and she sighed not the usual yeh right they wont fit!!

She no's Im gona b as slim as her soon, I just cant wait to be able to raid her wardrobe and she's dreading it hahahaha

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