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Little question


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Hi there sorry dont know myself but theres a sub forum or sticky above which may help you x


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I think I have read somewhere that you can have extra "Healthy Extras", have a search on the forum.
Thank you for replies..I did look through the pregnancy and SW thread but couldnt find it in there...maybe I should just go to a class to find out :)
Thanks again X


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lynnej33 said:
I was wondering if anyone knows if I would have to have anything extra as I am pregnant?
I am thinking of going to SW but may try on my own with an old book. An old SW consultant said she thought I may have to have one more healthy extra or something.
Thank you x

I'm pregnant and I've been told there is no differences.

What I do is try and make sure I have my dairy and I'm not so strick on my syns. I've been doing the plan at home but only got ny head in gear when I was week 15. I found the 1st trimester left me hungry for bread and SW plan couldn't keep up with the amount I wanted lol

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and have gained 7lbs. As I'm now in my 3rd trimester I'm hoping to gain a pound a week.
Thanks Cheekypasterfield thats great..I think I will give it a go with an old book I have....I only do green days as im veggi so I dont think i need to know about the extra easy.
I know exactly what you mean about the bread though. I am 13 + 2 weeks and just starting to want some healthy food :D


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I think if I was you I'd phone your local consultant and tell her/him you're planning joining the following week, and that you're pregnant. Then go along for the new member talk, at which your pregnancy will be discussed (as they'll have had time to check their facts etc, if it's not something they're used to), and you'll get up to date advice on all the plans. Join that night, and you'll get all your books etc and then you can follow from home PROPERLY, with safe, up to date, and reliable health advice under your belt, if that's what you prefer to do :)))) Good luck xx

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