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Living in the loo

yups i still do ... into 13th week that still count as new :rolleyes:

i have to go usualy 3 times in the night huge amounts each time to

i view it as free exercise im to lazy to do anything so my body is forcing me to move ..looks at dust on tredmill hmm yea one day


Really likes to cook
Welcome to the "loo" club
Pmsl glad it's not just me
Yes, that does happen but will settle down.......my bowl habits have changed (for the better) too, but when you think about it you are changing your intake to much healthier food so your body has to deal with it differently!!!


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Its just like being pregnant isn't it! My first week i was getting up 3 or 4 times a night! Its settled down now though, thank god! lol x
Frist time I did sw, I was contantly on the loo day and night. It was actually the reason I gave it up after a few weeks. Having started again in June, for some reason it's made no difference to my toilet habits. Still can't make it out lol!
today has been slightly better Im on my second litre bottle and have not gone.to the look yet. Thing is Im trying not to go cause once i start i know i will bring stuck on there all day
Thing is Im trying not to go cause once i start i know i will bring stuck on there all day
I have been in the loo almost 15 times this afternoon its not fun.

Im also doing the water challenge which clearly isnt helping but im not sure i can cope with this lol atleast im getting exercise
Yes!! I love that, I know when I'm peeing like that at the start of a diet I'll have a big loss first week, it's all the water you usually retain leaving your body.
for the first few days nothing changed, but in the past 2 days, omg o_O i need to pee like 3 time an hour! its insane, did not like waking at 8am this morning to pee :( it was my day off!

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