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Liz's weigh ins

Hi Liz, that's an excellent weight loss for week five Well Done!!! I've just done my fifth week too and have a total loss of 23lbs so we're pretty much at the same level :) Good luck for week 6 xx
Thanks all for your support.
week 6 weigh in on Step 2
2.5 lbs lost so that makes 23.5 lbs in six weeks
not as much as I would have liked this week but its all going in the right direction !
Hey Liz, our weight loss is identical! Slightly different weekly losses but the end result is the same! I was getting a bit fed up because my loss is so slow this time, compared to last 2 times on LL but at least it is coming off eh? :sigh: ;)

Sue x :D
Its my first time on Cambridge so its all new to me - I've had to start on Step 2 cos of high BMI. I've been getting frustrated on the weeks when I have a lower loss too - fingers crossed I'll get a higher loss next Monday - I really want to get to 2 stone lost which will also be 10% body weight lost. And then fingers crossed again that when I move to SS/SS+, I can boost my losses some more !
Week 7 - still on Step 2
Lost 3 lbs this week
making a total of 26.5 lbs lost
Again would have liked a bit more, but as long as it keeps coming off, I'll be happy. Need to lose a minimum of 1.75 next week which should be easy - that will give me a two stone loss and will also be 10% lost of my total body weight. Of course would love to lose more than that !!
Thanks everyone for your support, its really appreciated xxx
Week 8 - still on Step 2
Lost 3.25 lbs this week
making a total of 29.75 lbs lost
So this weeks targets have been reached - 2 stone lost and also 10% of my start body weight - woo hoo !!
Week 9 on Step 2
Another 3.5 lbs gone, making a total of 33.25 in 9 weeks
Woo hoo !
Only negative is - came back from weigh in and made myself a shake in my shaker and the lid came off whilst I was shaking it !!! So I was covered in shake & the walls & carpet of the office were covered ! Luckily I was on my own so not as embarrasing as it could have been - I have cleaned the wall, wiped the carpet & now got a wet top where I have sponged myself down !! :8855:

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