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Lizzy's Daily Drivel Diet Diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by SWLizzy, 25 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    Hi all my lovely miniminners!

    I have read so many people's diaries that I thought I would join in!

    I am just into my third week on SW and have lost a lovely 10lb so far :clap: and am really pleased with how it is going.

    I did SW in 2009 and lost almost 5stone. Unfortunately I slipped off the wagon and got ran over by it when I split up with my ex and moved house. (would have been at target now if I had stuck to it...'Grumble grumble')

    Had it pretty rough for a little while but then met my wonderful husband. We got married just 4 weeks ago today and I am in a really good place at the min. I did try and lose some timber before our wedding day alone but it just didn't happen -- I'm blaming wedding stress. So I decided that I would not be a weighty wife and have make a good start. My overall aim is that I am a 'healthy' weight for when we try for a family in a few years time.

    I am going to use this diary to keep a track of my food and hopefully get some help and advice from you lovely people on the way.

    So grub for today...

    Breakfast: 30g Shreddies (HEX B) and banana with milk (HEX A)

    Snack: Apple

    Dinner: Rice with mixed veggies and soy sauce.

    Snack: Apple and FF Cottage Cheese

    Tea: Chicken breast stuffed with Laughing Cow (Other half of HEXA) wrapped in bacon with Fry Light Roasties, Carrots, Broccoli and Cauli and Gravy (2syns) (was gooooooood!)

    Syns so far: 2

    Think I'll have a Hi-Fi later

    See you all soon xxx
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  3. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    Hi Lizzy!!!
    I seriously could have written that myself!
    I too did WW about 6 yrs ago, lost over 3 stone and then bf and I split. I took to drinking, eating (after drinking) and gained a bit of weight.
    Then met my now hubby (after a fee near misses inbetween) and slowly (over about 3 yrs) gained all I had lost and a lot lot more!!
    Started SW 11 months ago and I've lost 6st 4lbs! :) I'm at a lower weight now than I got before and it feels amazing!! If I can do it u can too! :-D
    And starting a family...our aim too (not quite yet tho! I want at least 1 skinny summer!!)
    Good luck!! Lookig forward to Reading yr diary x
  4. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member


    Thanks so much for replying...its nice to see that it can be done again even in wedded bliss.

    Its so strange how people have so similar lives.

  5. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    Well today's going well so far however I swapped my usual cereal and fruit for a fibre plus bar and apple for breakfast and it is not filling :( What makes it worse is that there is a tub of choccies in our office that are staring at me and taunting (must get someone to hide them)

    So today's foody feast is....

    Brekkie: Fibre plus (Hex) and Apple (Not filling Liz, don't do this again - makes mental note)

    Snack: Banana

    Lunch: Tomato Mug shot and fruit and yoghurt (I know this is a lazy lunch but need to go shopping)

    Tea: Homemade burgers and chips with salad (Yum Yum) (6syns for bread)

    Not had my HEX A today so I think I will make my tea cheese burgers.

    Looking forward to a naughty style tea tonight...

    Hope all you lovely people are having a good day... If you squint your eyes and look carefull you can just about see the weekend!! :D
  6. broadsbean

    broadsbean Gold Member

    good morning :D

    thought i'd pop in and say hi , your food is looking good :D

    looking forward to reading your diary and sharing in your success xxx
  7. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    Thank you... it was reading your diary that really inspired me...

    Just eating my mug shot now... really must get a bit more organised for tomorrow xxx
  8. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    Well just had homemade burgers for tea and they were delish....Hubby really isnt that bad in the kitchen. Plus I was so full that I left half my bread roll so I only had 3 syns on that. And with the 1syn in ketchup I still have a few to play with....

    Think I may have to have something tasty later.

    Just found out that we are having a takeaway at PIL's house tomorrow night for Hubby's birthday...but really don't want to.

    I hate these situtaions when you are in the zone and then something 'naughty' foodwise crops up. I know I could have something else but I always feel like a killjoy.

    I suppose one meal won't make so much difference... just need to get back in the saddle tomorrow morning.

    Plus I get my wii fit tomorrow night...so I'll exercise queen this weekend!
  9. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    What kind of food/take away are u having?we're having one tonight for my hubby's bday. It can be done within syns if u think/plan ahead :) xxx
  10. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    I don't know yet, it will depend on what they choose, I guess it will be down to hubby as it's his birthday. I'm hoping its chinese as its my favourites and one of the best to have within syns. I know it sounds a bit selfish but I just wanted a 100% week this week.
  11. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    No i have been there before!
    I sometimes 'force' my ideas about take away foods into others brains until they suggest it LOL.
    Curry isn't too bad either if u are doing EE. I often choose that over chinese now as it fills me longer! (no idea why!) also i can have the same curry as I always had, where as I used to enjoy the battered chinese items and they are not worth syning! x
  12. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    Well guys its funky friday everyone!

    Having a busy day at work so not being able to snack too much. It's funny that when I'm busy I don't seem to get that hungry but when I'm having a quiet day I seem starving and can't stop picking....this really is a habit I need to break.

    So food for today...

    Brekkie: 30g of Shreddies (HEXa), banana and milk (HEXa)

    Snack: Apple and Clementine

    Lunch: Tuna salad with lettuce, tomato, carrot, beetroot, cottage cheese and salad cream (1syn) - was lovely but wished I had bought something warm for this horrid rainy today.

    Clementine/activia yoghurt.

    Dinner : Could be anything god knows...hopefully a low syn chinese or curry....(Thanks for the idea Cai!)

    Tomorrow I should be able to start on my Wii fit too...eeek! Hubby's said that he wil get me the Zumba for the wii for my birthday in March so that should keep me entertained.

    Speak later.... x
  13. broadsbean

    broadsbean Gold Member

    I always look like an epileptic hippo when i do the wii zumba:eek:
    but i really enjoy it :eek::eek:

    never thought i'd be saying this but i enjoy exercising now :faint2:

    hope you enjoy your meal, its only one night and hopefully you will have some good choices :D
  14. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    Hi Mandy... in the end I just had chicken chop suey...which I don't think will be too high in the old syns! (Must check to finish off diary for yeserday)

    Well was up bright and breasy this morning even though I didn't get to bed till gone 1am! I found the last series of Biggest Loser on PIL's BT Vision so had a marathon. I've only just found this programme and am a little addicted!

    Well been a busy ol' day so far, went food shopping this morning and was glad that only spent £40, £10 under budget and the house if stuffed with fresh fruit and veg and yoghurts.

    Not really eaten properly today so need to have a good evening meal.

    So far I've had

    Breakfast: Beans on toast (HEXB) and clementines

    Snack: Salt and Vinegar snack-a-jacks (I think these are 5 syns but need to double check)

    Dinner: Mash potato, Garden peas (left over from hubbys dinner) and an apple (1syn for spot of gravy)

    Snack: Cherries - love these, just wished they were a bit cheaper.

    Tea: Really not sure yet, spoilt for choice with it being shopping day!
  15. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    oooh I forgot to say, been on my new Wii fit this afternoon and I love it! Well I don't love the bit when your figure grows as you get way and they tell me I'm obese (really do hate that word)

    Hope I can keep using it to help with my body magic awards.

    (Weighed the cat too on the Wii...at least she's normal weight)

    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend despite the miserable weather!

  16. beckyn22

    beckyn22 Silver Member

    Aha! Found you!! I see parallells with your story too Lizzy, and Cai's. Any bad relationship has made me gain weight like mad in the past - and there have been quite a few! Now I'm settled with my wonderful partner Colin, I'm ready to really go for it - but isn't it strange how we comfort eat when life is tough but then also overeat when we are really contented in a relationship; which is how it's been with me for 2 years lol!

    I'm also wanting to have a baby and have been trying to conceive for quite a while. As I'm in my late thirties my fertility will have dropped anyway so losing weight will give me the best possible chance as it will you (although I guess from your beautiful profile pic you've got quite a bit of time ahead of you before your biological clock starts ticking down!). Loving reading your diary. Managed half and hour on the wii today - I see you were planning to do some too! :bighug: xxx
  17. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    Hi Becky!

    Glad you've found me, yeah I did half an hour and am going to try and keep to this every day...easy when it's the weekend ut it will be harder during the week as I am shattered when I get in with work.

    We're not trying for kids yet Becky but we will be in a few years time and I know that my weight will make it harder to concieve. Plus I want to be a healthy mummy that can run around after them, not just sit and watch.

    Well I am so proud of myself for last night...really didnt know what to have for tea and couldn't be bothered to cook (lethal combo!)

    Hubby was hungover and was ordering takeaway...I was tempted but said NO!

    I remembered we had a portion of SW spag bol left in the freezer so I had that, so when the evil takeaway came in the house I was content and didnt even steal a chip!!

    whoooop whoop!
  18. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    Hi Everyone

    From reading other people's diaries I have seen many people putting daily positives on and it has really inspired me, so I am going to pinch the idea.

    So today mine our....

    1. I have a lovely hubby who is very supportive.
    2.I have a new Wii fit so plenty of body magic oppurtunities.
    3.Its sunday so I have the day at home and can spend time to try a new recipe.

  19. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    I love positives - i don't always put them in mt diary but write in the '3 positives for today' thread every day! I love reading other ppl's too cos it give me ideas for my own LOL xx
  20. beckyn22

    beckyn22 Silver Member

    That's really good that you're getting sorted well in advance of starting a family. Wish I had discovered sw years ago! Well done on resisting that take away temptation hun. Not easy when your OH is eating things you really like and are trying to avoid! You should put that in the NSV thread - it's a great achievement. What games did you do on the wii yesterday? Hope you have a great day today xxx
  21. broadsbean

    broadsbean Gold Member

    morning, loving the positives honey. jackieN started it and it has just grown, but it does really help to focus on the positives.

    You and becky are doing the right thing sorting this before having a family.
    I didn't and realised recently that there are very few family pics:confused: lots of the kids but hardly any of me with them.

    one of the things i plan to do when i am happy with my weight is to have a family picture done kids are now 21 and 18 :cry:

    have a lovely day xx

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