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LL and periods

Angie H

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Hi. Just wondered if any one can shed some light on a little query I have. Started LL 2 weeks ago and got my period 12 days early. Very heavy and not the normal for me. Spoke with my cousellor who said it was common to have irregular cycles. Is this likely to be because I am new to the diet or will this go on. Also, has anyone else found their periods to be heavier than usual? I am not overly worried, just curious at the effects the diet has on the body and why?
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Mine was the opposite Angie, mine was lighter than usual but was 2 days longer, 5 instead of 3 days, plus I didn't have one dot of boob ache before it whereas I always have that for at least a week --- think quite a few people have mentioned that theres are different since starting the diet.

Hi Angie- as with most things everyone seems to be different when it comes to TOTM and LL/CD. The first one I had on LL arrived early (and I am VERY regular) and lasted 5 days instead of 2-3. But my second one arrived exactly 28 days after that, but again lasted longer than my normal. No PMT whatsoever the second time:wow: long may that continue! (OH would be nodding vigorously at this point if here;) )

Again there also seems to be huge differences in the effects TOTM has on weight loss- lots of people retain water of course, and therefore their weight loss can be disappointing during TOTM, but usually catches up the following week. Myself- I seem to retain 1lb only!!

Anyway, try not to be too concerned about TOTM, but if you are having a very heavy one and experience any symptoms like feeling faint or dizzy you should talk to your LLC and your doctor. With such a healthy diet some people can find their blood pressure drops into the low scale and iron loss during TOTM can exacerbate that. But if you read around you will see almost everyone has experienced a version of what you are going through and has come through it smiling!

Take care now
I have an imlant because my periods are normally so bad and am more than a little peeved to have had my first period for about a year & am now on week 3 but take a good mutivitamin as well to avoid getting anemic - was also woried about the hair loss although it will apparently make no difference!
Hi, I have the opposite, Im 1 week late!!Don t worry no patter of tiny feet for me,was steralised 8 years ago.Still a bit of a concern as I am usually really regular with TOTM.


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Mine is due in the week and I seem to be putting weight on now, is that right eventhough I have uipped my water?

Cherry Plum

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Well mine arrived on time & lasted for 7 days, (usually 4) it was heavy on the first day, then it started & stopped every day, boo hoo.
Hope it doesn't do that again, it would be nice if it stopped altogether, roll on menopause!


has started again!!
Mine so far have stayed the same as usual, but I seem to retain water mid-cycle, rather than the week of TOTM.

As for PMT, if you asked OH, he would prob say thats the usual state of affairs round here!!!LOL :)

Angie H

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I have been weighing myself every day during TOTM and have stuck at the same weight for 4 days. I have been upping the water and sticking the the LL plan religiously. I half expected this which is why I am weighing myself. Bit annoying to have stayed the same but know it will shift next week (hopefully) !! I feel thinner this week funnily enough though. I had no PMT no sore boobs, no indication I was due on. So weird as usually I am a dragon. Only 2 weeks into the diet so expect my body/cycle is still in shock. Love this site, only found it on a Yahoo search. Usually Google search but didn't come across it. Nice to be able to share concerns etc


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I have scales at home which not only weighs but give my fat% content too. At the moment, in the morning at a naked weight of 12.05 stone on sunday, my fat% was 38, now with an increase to 12.3 stone my fat% is 35 - so it just shows that I have increased by 3% bodymass of water. I am another who is looking forward to post menopause

Angie H

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I am going to invest in those fat/weight scales as that is interesting! As I said I feel and I am sure I look thinner, so obviously the diet is still working. I changed the battery in the scales as they appeared 'stuck' at 13.4 for the past few days !! Then I realised it was all to do with TOTM. Just really hope the weight loss will show next week after TOTM.

Angie H

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Update: My incredibly not normal period for me has just finished ( I think) after just 4 days. I have just got on the scales and have lost 2 pound overnight. Had been stuck at the same weight all week. Really noticed I was weeing a lot yesterday and had a feeling things were shifting. Am so relieved to get that out of the way and hopefully the weight will now start to shift again.

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