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LL how much does it cost


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Hi lighterlife total which is 4 foodpacks cost 72.00 if you do lite it's 3 foodpacks and one meal it's 52.00 doing lite depends on your BMI though!

The counselling you get is priceless, Cambridge don't offer it! Xx

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Hi :) just thought id give a little help. I have a friend who i met through LL who recently decided to do Cambridge and has now come back to LL. Shes so happy to be back with LL and has said her big let down with cambridge diet was the lack of support through councilling sessions and the fact that all you do is pick up your packs and go. She felt like she was eating blindly (unlike on lite) with no guidence in her meal she could have and found the option of having the 4th pack with total was convient for work.. theres also no weight/inch loss tracking or motivation to spur you on. As i at first loved hearing how much id lost too :).

This is just her word though, im sure you could ask on the cambridge side as she may of had a bad experience with her councillor.

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Is that £72 per week?
Yup... :)

Which, when you add it up, is probably a lot less than we'd normally spend on food a week... once you factor in additional money spent on meals out, fast food on the run, lunches from the sandwich shop, alcoholic drinks down the pub, garage snacks purchased when fuelling the car... the list goes on... all on top of the regular supermarket shop... ;)

Plus you get counselling, self-development help, and you end up slim & fully equipped with the tools to maintain it! What a bargain!! :D

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Seems alot, but worth it, you also save on washing up! Dishwasher not been on for 8 weeks, no dishwasher stuff, electric, water, cooker power etc , it all adds up on top of the stuff pinkie pointed out, and as LadyT says, the couselling and grouo work are priceless.
Ps you can pay by credit card!
You are worth it!

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Cambridge is £40 a week average for 3 packs per day if 5ft 7 and under if 5ft 8 and above need 4 packs a day. (packs are £1.80-£2 each) I know there is not as much counselling as LL but I have 20 minutes with my CD consultant and use it. :D I discuss the plans and how I am doing. I don't just pick up my packs. Good luck with your choice. Jayne x


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I've done both for a considerable time. My opinion is if you find a good LLC who preferably has some counselling qualifications and is available outside of your session hours (mine said she was but it took 3 days to get an answer on crippling constipation once) it is worth the extra money - I am not convinced from some of the comments I see on here that every counsellor gives full sessions every week - Out of 30 sessions I should have had, about 8 involved no counselling session so I was paying an extra 25 quid over Cambridge for just weighing in and packs.

I also think the 'counselling' caused me more harm than good - a couple of women in my group dominated the sessions with their opinions about what I should be wearing and how I should lead my life and this wasn't managed effectively even when I spoke up about it and was one of the things that led to me leaving earlier than I should.

I heartily approve of VLCDs, but when you are paying far above the odds for a group counselling session with up to 12 people in it for an hour, you really may be better off paying a private therapist with full qualifications for a 1-1 CBT session every 2-3 weeks and doing Exante if you can bear the packs.


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