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LL in the daily fail again!

Yes, they've done it again. Having a real go at Jackie Cox (LL founder) for being overweight. Plenty of scare stories too.

Apparently LL is resposible for a 'series of tragic deaths'. We all know it's rubbish. We all know the real reason these poor ladies have died is because of underlying health problems from being obese in the first place.

It's veery sad that some people have died. But in life, people die for all sorts of reasons. Not once has anyone said it has been linked to LL.

Hope it doens't cause any newcomers any worry. Just ignore it. The Daily Mail hates LL. And I'm not too keen on them either!!
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Oh flippin' 'eck. It's getting ridiculous isn't it. See, that's why I don't read newspapers or watch much news. Why don't they ever report positive stuff - about anything not just LL.


...we're sinking deeper.
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Even if LL did cause one of those deaths due to the shock nature of the diet; proportionally the percentage who have died on the program and those who DID the programme is extremely low. It's almost fair to say that it's a natural ratio with such extreme measures, and could very well be down to coincedence factors.... or stupidity (drinking 4 litres of water in 30 mins) - so natural selection at work there!

Even though there are a few other very similar VLCD's on the market, LL is the most advertised out of all of them, hence it has and will always get the most negative press due to it's popularity. It doesn't mean it's any better or worse than the others... just happens to be the one in the spotlight at the moment...

So; I agree with Rachel, and say: don't read the tabloids... read the stories in places like this...! You can make your mind up here by reading both sides. I'm sure most of us have experienced some discomfort due to LL; but we don't sugar coat it. We post it here - but lets put it this way... (cross fingers touch wood) none of us have come even close to dying on LL... :p
I am due to start LL this week and I must admit the DM article did scare me, I know the weight loss will keep me motivated but as you all say there are many VLCD's available, only lighterlife gets the bad publicity, there must have been other women who died, the diet they follow isnt automatically blamed is it, beit WW or SW , this is cos the DM dont like LL, why dont they by the way ??

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