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LL June Starters


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Hi Kat

I hope to start in May, and like you am excited and a bit nervous, but I have found reading the posts on here inspirational.
Good luck to you
Welcome Kat

Seems like a long time to wait till june, but it'll come round quickly.
Good luck, we'll be here when you start.:)


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Thanks Vakwi! I look forward to hearing all about it!



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Thanks Slendabenda. You are an inspiration!

It is my choice not to start to June for several reasons. I am busy every weekend for a start.

I am the sort of person that wants things now, right now, so once I decided I would do LL I wanted to make myself wait patiently and that would help me focus and get the head space I want for it. There is a method in my madness!

I have my consultation on Saturday though! yipeeee



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Hi Katalena - hope your consultation goes well today, and you decide LL is for you - it's a life-changing experience, I promise you!
Good luck, keep us updated on your progress :)
:party0011:hey Kat and Vakwi, i just started a week ago! i was way nervous to, but u get so much support from the grls in the group and from your counsellor, by the time the week is up and it's weigh in time, you can't wait 2 see em all again:)! i am waiting for the energy 2 kick in cuz i am still a lil more tired but it's getting better, but my body feels more healthy all round already!! good luck 2 you both! post and let us know how your 1st week went!!! amber*


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hi kat
i was exactly the same as you - i waited 5 weeks to start and it was the best thing i could have done as i am very impulsive normally.

it gave me time to focus and i have been 100% committed and not even been slightly tempted to lapse the whole time, which i think if i had rushed into it i would have been.

read everything you possibly can - good and bad about it, stay on this forum so you know what is coming!

good luck
daisy x


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i look forward to hearing about your start. As someone who has just started this board is great for advice and those daft wee questions that suddenly just pop into your head. And as for inspiration...well just look at some of the profiles!!


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Well ladies! (and gents if you are reading!) My consultation went really well! The counsellor is great. We have agreed that I will start the CBT on 13th with the new group but start the food packs on 27th.

I am so excited! So I am actually a May starter not June starter!

Hope everyone is doing well - it is great to hear from you all.



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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy :)
Glad you've got a start date

It won't be long now. especially if you have a busy time before hand.
I wish you luck, I'm sure you'll be fine, seems like you've thought it through carefully.
Glad you seem to have a good Counsellor. I believe it makes all the difference.


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Yeah the time soon flies by!

Sooo exciting - the start on a new life! :)


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Today's my first day on LL, and I'm so so so surprised at the foodpacks! I never thought I could live off four of those a day. It's crazy.

Really looking forward to the next few months. :)

sukie sue

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good luck june ladies , have a wild ride :0)xxx


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Thank you! :) I hope so.

Just wish I'd found out about LL earlier!


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Hi Everyone, Well i've been to my first LL meetings tonight so i will be starting the plan first thing in morning, i'm excited but a little nervous, good luck everyone. xx


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It will be a great experience Ana - I start the food packs in the morning :)


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