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LL May Starters

Hello Ging:D

Best of luck in your journey, lots of support here whenever you need it. Be sure to come back here and keep motivated!!

Im only an 'April Starter' and im finding it easy now.



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Hi Gingette
I hope to be starting in May too, am off to the info session Saturday so will hopefully share the journey with you.
I'm quite excited although a little apprehensive.
Good luck
Good luck ladies

:welcome2:Don't be apprehensive. It can be the best thing you've ever done if you are in the right frame of mind to start.
I'm sure you'll do well. As you said, loads of support on here. xxx
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Hi Gingette

Why did your doctor refuse to sign your form? It's my understanding (but I may be wrong!) that you HAVE to have your form signed off by a GP. (I don't think it necessarily has to be your own GP, you could maybe go to a private one and get them to sign it).

Hopefully someone who knows for sure will come along soon :)
You def can't start if your form is not signed, speak tp your LLC, she will prob know where in your area you can get it done. A couple of people in my group had to go to a different surgery and pay £35 which i think is terrible. Your doctor should be supporting you in your decision to loose weight, not hindering you. Perhaps you could ask to speak to the practice manager at your surgery for some advice? Good luck i hope you get it sorted soon x


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Agree with what's said above - most counsellors know of a private doctor who will sign the form if your GP won't. My GP was apprehensive but when I pointed out that they were prescribing me Xenical at great cost to the NHS, it would be cheaper for them to sign my form and then I wouldn't require the prescription. Added to that all the long-term costs associated with obesity (heart problems, diabetes etc). The private GP down my way charges £60 to sign the forms I believe.

Good luck with all your journeys - once you get through week 1 you will be flying! xx
My GP wouldn't sign me off. I had to go private and pay £60 to get it done. Try and find somewhere in advance where you can get your 28 day checkups done as my GP won't do them and i'm finding it pretty difficult!


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How's it going Ginge??? Are you any further on with the signing yet?
Should have been more clear, but thanks for all your advice. She wouldn't sign it off there and then but it is hopefully going to be ready and signed when my OH goes to pick it up today. Why it takes so long is beyond me!!!!!

I've emailed my Lcc to let her know what the script is and not heard back - anyway i'll scan and email the form to her tomorrow morning. Can't do anything today as I'm at work until 9.30pm!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me girls and boys :fingerscrossed::fingerscrossed::cross::cross:


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Hi Libby,

Any pharmacy should be able to do your check ups. If you have a large Asda store near you with a pharmacy, they are very good. I know a few people who have theirs done there, including me.

Good luck in finding somewhere.

Gingette, my LLC has let someone start and bring the form in at their first weigh in. Obviously, if they didn't have it she wouldn't be able to give them the packs. As long as it is done, you will be fine.

Good luck for all of your journeys you May starters. You will be where I am in no time.
Great news!!
I have my signed and stamped medical form in my grubby hands!! I've emailed it off to my LCC!! I start officially on Thursday! Bring it on.


Is back in the saddle!

Good luck on your journey!!
Exciting isn't it? I couldn't wait to start and i'm on day 6 already and doing fine. I feel absolutely great and the scales at home are showing that i have lost a ridiculous amount of weight, will find out for sure tomorrow. Good luck with your first couple of days x
Thanks TA, quick question what shake combination did you have on your first day??


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I tried each flavour. Took more of the ones I thought i would like. At least if you have tried them all you will know, which ones to get the following week. Everybodys tastes are different. Hope you enjoy them x
I don't normally like soups so took just one of each to try. I acrually like them all but i prefer the shakes. I've been having three shakes and then a soup at night but we've been allowed bars since day four so have had shake, bar, shake, soup. At first it seems as though the shakes and soups are really small and not exactly satisfying but if you drink a pint of water first it helps. Now on day 6 i'm not nearly as hungry.


is loving CWP xx
Do you not have the porridge TA? I have that for breakfast every morning. Mmmmmm!!!

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