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LL Munchies :(


Happy in my own skin
I never experienced that as I stayed abstinent for the duration, but just wanted to say hi and welcome to the board. I'm sure someone will be along soon with some sound advice. :)
Hi Jelly. Welcome to the site. I can't advise you, as I have never lapsed either. But I wanted to offer you some support. :).

You know lapsing will affect the diet, so do you know why you are doing it? Is it bordeom? Or is something going on? Take a good look and see if you are dealing with some stress or something that is making you lose you focus, and then address that. Its that inside chatterbox, and you need to tell it NO! :) Sounds glib, but its true. :)

Its tough - one little nibble can so easily lead to another. :( Thats how it always was with me on other diets, but I approached LL with a zero-tolerance to failure type attitude, and just refused to break the rules. Mailny because for this diet to work its best, you need to abstain.

You are doing great - so best to nip this in the bud so aw not to undo your hard and good work.

Really try and reign back in your focus - and remind yourself this is just temporary. It's hard - but it can be done.

Good luck to you!!!

Welcome to MM's, and well done on your loss so far!

Like BL said, examine WHY you are snacking, WHAT thoughts are going through your head (or not!) when you snack, etc.

Think of it this way, a "snack" can cause anywhere from 1 to 3 day's prevention of loss (if the snack is bad enough) - 2 snacks in a week and you have effectively just wasted your £66, time and effort on the diet.

Is any snack really worth that?
im on cambridge and i split my packs and have 6 instead of 3 dont know ifyou can do that on ll? good luck hun x
I am new to this site and have been on LL for 7 weeks now. I am 34 pounds down which is brilliant but I am starting to struggle and have begun having small snacks here and there. I'd love to hear if anyone else has experienced this and how you got past it... Help!:confused:
Hi - congratulations on your 34lb loss to date. brilliant!

In 30 weeks I have lapsed just once - by eating 5 packs on one day instead of just 4, and I was very disappointed with myself. I have stayed well away from food as it seems to be a very slippery slope to climb back onto abstinence. Nip your snack habit in the bud right now. I truly believe 100% abstinence is the only way to succeed with LL and be in the right place for long term maintenance.

I am currently struggling with the urge to eat - whether it be another pack or real food I just crave More. I think this is because I am at a weight and size I was in my teens and my inner voice is challenging why I am still on the diet.

I WILL win the battle though. And so can you. Focus on your ultimate goal and set little targets to chip away at each week. xx
Thanks everyone for your support! I woke up this morning with more focus and determination to do this and even started my day off with a 30 minute walk to work instead of jumping on the bus even though I was running late! I will do this! I just have to keep reminding myself it's not worth it and that the snacks really don't satisfy me. I have had a couple of emotional weeks and I am sure this is where it's coming from. I have to remember that I am at my happiest when I see the scales move in the right direction and not when I am snacking.
Thanks, it's really inspiring to see everybody doing so well :)


I will do this!
well done jelly for this mornings effots. This diet gives you such ups and downs it's amazing how different you can feel from day to day.
Have a great, possitive day.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well done for refocusing hun , when the urge to snack comes , sit down nice and quiet and really think how you will feel once its eaten versus how you feel when the scales show a great loss, feeling those sensations should really bring it inyo focus and keep yourself on track ,goodluck hunnie , im sure youll do great xxx

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