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LL not working???

I'm 11 days in but my last weigh-in I hadn't lost anything! I've weighed myself on my own scales every day since and again no loss! It's nowhere near my TOTM, I'm drinking plenty of water and I walk about 3 miles per day. I realise everyone has the occassional week where they lose nothing/put on half a pound or whatever, but it's at the beginning when people are supposed to lose the most!

There was one day when I lost some weight - that was when I missed the last train and got stuck in Brighton for a day and a night so I was starving and lost a couple of pounds. But then I ate my normal foodpacks the next day and the weight just went on again the next day - back to square 1!!!

I'm upset - this programme is hard work and I'm not getting anywhere. Is it possible that my body is very resistant to losing weight? If so then why am I putting myself through pain to lose nothing?

My work pals are going out to a really nice restaurant tomorrow and they want me to come with them. I've not told them about LL as it's really none of their business, but I'm very tempted just to go with them and give up.
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I really wouldn't give up... I lost in my first week and was quite demoralised in my second week when I lost barely 2lbs... with 14 stone to lose, like you, I expected more! What I will say is that 5 months later I've lost 7 stone and am doing great! Please give your body a chance and try to stop the habitual weighing as it only serves to make you feel bad... I wish you luck in whatever you decide :D
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Can't explain why the scales aren't moving for you hun but rest assured that it is impossible not to lose weight on a VLCD due to the low calorie intake. They will eventually move, so please hang in there. Have you spoken to your LLC about it?



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very baffling what's happening but I would totally agree with bexnkev, please don't give up, and try to only get weighed once a week at your LL meeting. Weighing can be very addictive and counter productive as most bathroom scales are very inacurate and can make you worry and feel down when really you have lost and are doing great. Hang in there..it WILL happen your body will lose the battle


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I know it feels crap at the moment but you will lose weight if you stick to it ---- scientifically you can't fail with it, you have to lose weight.

Are these weighings on your scales or your LLC's? I've nothing against people weighing at home (I do so daily) but your scales may not be that accurate.

Don't give up :)
The only answer you need now is , keep going . Leave the scales alone for now . Do you have lots of energy ? Can you taste an awful taste in your mouth ? if yes to these Q my dear you are very very well losing , yes losing weight .
It is mathematically, and physiologically, impossible, for you not to have lost weight. Have you had a pop-in? Just keep going, make sure you drink the 4 litres a day minimum, and it will come off! I promise!
OK for a start I was in a proper mood when I wrote that - sorry. I'm better now.

I was just stumped as to why my first weigh-in with my LLC showed no loss despite sticking to it all week. I thought that was the week that was meant to show the biggest losses! My bathroom scales are digital ones so I tend to trust them, but they also show no loss. Slightly baffling but I guess there are all sorts of reasons why this would occur.

I am in ketosis according to my LLC (and the horrible taste in my mouth). She said that "as long as you've stuck to the plan then you're doing great".

I'll give it to my next weigh-in. Thanks for keeping me on track girls - I'll let you know how it goes next week!


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in my opinion you need to lay off the scales.
you will drive yourself crazy with weighing every 5 mins!
Stick to being weighed once a week- on the same set of scales at ur meeting.
You will see honest results then x


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Remember that scales measure just weight, and not fat.

You WILL be losing fat, the weight could just be water retention.

That's great news. I think you're a star!! It must have been awful not having a loss the first week as this is normally the biggest loss week and gives everyone motivation to keep going. For you to have experienced a no loss and still to carry on shows true determination and great strength of character.



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