LL Nut Bars...


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Hmmm how come when i first started LL a nut bar used to take me about 3 or 4 hours to eat?

Nowadays i can eat one in 2 minutes flat...

Weird how you change over the months!!!!!! :eek:
Ha ha oh DTL - i don't love them actually!! They're ok, i guess i've gone from detesting them to tolerating them - anything is better than nothing i guess!!

I usually go for the toffee bars (couldn't even finish one of those in the beginning) but now i love love love them!!

I only go to my LLC once a month and when i went last week she'd run out of toffee bars (doh!) so i've taken a months worth of nut bars instead!!

DTL you need your head examining if you love the nut bars as much as you say you do tee hee