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    I went to my meeting on sunday and somthing has really bovered me, I never really had a good week before and knew i wouldn't have lost alot if any! anyway when i arrived nobody had arrived yet so i had a word with my LLC and told her i had a bad week.. well she said somthing to me that i cant get out of my head.. she said that when i first joined i was 1 of the people she thought wouldn't suceed with this diet as i was so negitive about myself.. i dont really know how to take it really, half of me is thinking well if she thought i wouldnt do it then what chance have i got, or is she trying to maybe think i better prove her wrong.. I am really confused.. but have to say that i didn't do too much damage as i lost 1 and a half:)..sorry for the rant.

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  3. DQ

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    I think you need to talk to her and explain how her comment made you feel. Some people might be motivated to prove her wrong with something like that, but are you one of those people?? I wouldn't let it fester - I would ask her exactly what she meant. You need support and 100% belief in your ability to do this, not someone doubting you :hug99:
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    OUCH! Tina...I'm not on LL (CDer) but that comment would have hit a nerve with of the things I am trying to learn on my journey is to empower myself!...So my advice would be...don't let it fester...don't let it play on your her/drop in or even write it down till you next see her and ask her what she meant and explain the effect this comment had on outcome...she may not have realised and will apologise/explain....other outcome....she will stick by what she said and the negativity, but then at least you will have confronted (in a nice way) something which has bothered you.....(my money is on the best outcome:))
  5. Dancing

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    perhaps she just very poorly expressed the fact that she is surprised you have proved her wrong. My goodness you are in week 10 now ... so it surely can't be that she is saying you proved her right. You are nearly there and one difficult week does not undo that. I think she just didn't like being wrong. Some people just aren't suited to be in the profession they are in. You know- when you work with people and when encouragement and positive thinking is such a key part of it, a person can't have the attitude she had at the beginning. I know we are only human and it is natural to judge people but you don't get sports psychologists acting this way toward their athletes (sorry only anology that came to my head) and it is the same thing. They have a key role in our success.
  6. Corey

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    What a really stupid thing for her to say - How many of us were feeling positive about ourselves when we started the diet? Of course we were negative about ourselves, we didn't like how we looked and we didn't like what we were doing to ourselves.

    Personally, I would get in touch with her and ask for an explanation. Point out to her that if you were going to fail on this diet, does she not think you would have done so long before starting the 10th week? I would also ask her to name people who were feeling positive about how they were feeling when they first knocked on their door. Bet she can't name one!
  7. Blonde Logic

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    Could it be, that she actually meant it as a compliment, but did not word it correcty - but maybe she meant, "I had my doubts, but blimey look what you have done - you are in your tenth week, so you have proved me wrong and are doing brilliantly?"

    Sometimes just using the wrong word can completely misconstrue what the meaning was, in error?

    If she did mean it derrogatorily, she needs to stop - think, and THEN open mouth. ;)

    I would definately speak to her about it and clear the air and restore your faith in her.

    All the best.

  8. x-Katie-x

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    I was thinking along the same lines as BL, don't think she'll have meant it as a criticism of you and she'd probably be really distressed if she thought she'd upset you in any way.
  9. ladylite

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    Well done Tina for losing so well in your 10 weeks. As the other have said I would not let it bother you just speak to her the next time or before if you need to and get it off your chest. She might of been giving you a compliment and you are worrying for nothing.

    Good luck and I hope you get it off your chest.:)
  10. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    I dont know how your LLC meant that comment but it would really upset me and play on my mind. The others are right you should talk to her about how it made you feel, it will help you and her to do that.
    Congratulations on your losses so far, you are doing brilliantly

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