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    ive just startd my 2nd week on LLL
    first week i found okay but had some bad headaches and cold spells and found i could not eat some of the soups... as a result lost 8 pounds in 1st week!!!

    though i am gettin short of recipes and i have looked on these forums and looked at most of them but was wondering if anyone knew any more?

    also is anyone finding it hard to fit in the food packs? i go to school then work till 6 so struggle fitting 3 in

    Anyone else who is young doin this it would be gd to talk to... i am 17 and have not met anyone else similiar age doing this

    any help would be great :)
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  3. jolly123

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    well Im 22 have just joined ....... well intro meeting tomo - welcome lets hope I loose 8 pounds in one week too lol
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    I am on first week and am being naughty and weighing myself throughout the week. I have not cheated once, been really really good and am only 4lbs down with the weigh in tomorrow morning. Am really disappointed as i was hoping for double. I am following the diet to the letter though!
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    Don't worry, my daughter who is 16 is also doing the diet with me. We both got weighed today, and lost roughly the same amount. She too goes to school, and then does some work for a few hours, before getting home at 7 and THEN has to fit in 2 food packs. Whilst it is a hard diet sometimes, i think the overall look of things is better.

    On a side note, how did you loose so much weight? I'm sorry if i seem rude, I am attending my sisters wedding in 3 months, and wanted to loose a good couple of stone so am worried that i will be loosing it slowly.
    Good luck, and enjoy it :)
  6. Catwoman38

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    Hi there, congrats with your loss keep up the good work.It really is important to have all your food packs every day as it helps with the weight loss. My personal fave is the chocolate, put it in a mixer/smoothie maker add a whole tray of ice cubes and wizz till smooth, GORGEOUS!! As for some recipe ideas i love: 2 egg ommlette, add spring onions,mushrooms,green pepper,spinach, whatever you fancy and have it with a big mixed salad.I also love my version of a spaghetti bolognaise:200g quorn mince in a casserole dish,add tin of tomatoes,carton of passata,fresh toms and some tomato puree, mixed herbs,fresh garlic,mushrooms,onions and you can pop in a pepper/courgette or whatever,if you like a kick i put in some chilli flakes as well mix together and pop in oven.I then have a mixture of veg all mashed up with it or a tray of roasted veg:big mushrooms,beef tomatoes,peppers,onions.My 'oh' loves this as well so it's great for everyone.You can do a fish pie with tinned tuna at bottom,onions,mashed veg on top and slices of tomatoes.If i'm having some chicken and veg i will put some italian sprinkle seasoning on the chicken put in foil and oven cook,then as a sauce to pour over the veg: carton of passata put mixed herbs and some chilli flakes in and mix.Heat it up and pour over veg when cooked.I also love a big mixed salad with 100g prawns and 100g cottage cheese on the top.I also buy from holland&barratt some japanese green nori sprinkle which is dried seaweed flakes,lovely sprinkled on top of salads,veg, fish etc.And seaweed is also supposed to speed up the metabolism due to it being rich in iodine. Also a lovely prawn/chicken stirfry, loads of different veg with your protein choice and i put a bottle of the chilli sauce in it that your allowed to have in the LLL book.Hope that's given you some inspiration. Good Luck for your next weigh in,and good luck to everyone for next week.:bananalove::greenapple:
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